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18 Jul

See Mustang’s Historic Three Rivers Facility This Summer

VRideTV-Ad-728x90Mustang has opened the doors to its historic factory this summer. Located just a few miles from the original Indian Motorcycle factory in Springfield, local riding groups have been coming by asking for impromptu tours. So we finally decided to formalize the invitation!

That’s right, you are cordially invited to join us on a tour of Mustang Seats. See how our craftspeople take pride in transforming raw materials into the world’s highest quality, most comfortable handcrafted seats. Our two-hour tours are by reservation only and we can accommodate groups from two to two-dozen.  We promise you will ride away with an entirely new awareness of what you put between you and your bike.

TourEd W. from the Ellington, CT HOG – Harley Owners Group chapter says:

“Thank you, thank you. Your tour was just great. When the word gets out how fantastic it was, I’m sure there will be more members who will want to take a tour. I also would like to thank you for being so darn generous. We could not believe all the stuff you gave us. Last but not least, it was a pleasure meeting you, you are terrific! Hope to see you again some time in the future. Would you please keep me informed about future tours. Tell the members of your team we said great job.”

Please contact Mustang for more information regarding tours of our historic Three Rivers, Massachusetts, facility (only 75 miles west of Boston; 150 miles northeast of New York City). In the meantime, check out this sneak peek behind the scenes:


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15 Jul

Mustang Springs Solo Seats On Bolt Buyers


Who knew what a blank canvas Yamaha was introducing back when they busted out the Bolt during Daytona Bike Week in 2013. Like its namesake, the Bolt electrified the marketplace and charged up a bunch of custom builders to create their versions of the bike. DZ BratBolt2Ranging from the Roland Sands Design dirt track-inspired machine to the Burly Brand “Brat” bike built by David Zemla, the Bolt has proven to be an incredibly versatile platform for the customization crowd.

While we can’t answer the question posed by Cycle World magazine: “Is Yamaha’s Bolt a better Sportster than the Sportster?” — we were ready with the answer for aftermarket seating options. Initially we offered our Wide Studded Solo, Tripper Fastback™ and Vintage Solo seats for the Bolt. Now lightning strikes again for the Bolt with our new Spring Solo seats exclusively for the Yamaha bobber.

While some pundits say it is a “tractor seat” that is exactly what the customer wants in many cases. While it may look the part, Mustang’s Spring Solo seat combines an old-school look with 21st-century comfort. A pair of seat springs installed on a solid steel frame cover serve a functional purpose rather than being just a cosmetic afterthought.

Technological upgrades from your great grandfather’s John Deere include an advanced expanded vinyl cover, marine-grade fiberglass baseplate, and Mustang’s controlled density molded foam for maximum support and comfort. A well-contrived hinge at the nose of the seat makes accessing the matching underseat storage pouch a snap!

BikeBoltSpeaking of a snap, the customization process takes less than 5 minutes, and requires just a couple tools. No trimming, grinding or welding required! There is even a comprehensive installation video demonstrating just how easy it is to make the switch to the retro spring solo seat:


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10 Jul

Mustang Breaks Out Seats For The FXSB Softail Breakout® At Laconia

HistoricCelebrating 91 years of history in 2014, Laconia Motorcycle Week is the granddaddy of all motorcycle rallies and Mustang’s home turf, so we had to do something special for the occasion. We decided to break out comfort for one of the hottest Harley’s around at Laconia and introduced a brand new seat specifically for the 2013-14 Harley-Davidson® FXSB Softail. Fans of the fat-tired CVO Breakout® were treated to the first look at these seats at Mustang’s big rig. Special shout-out to our friends at Laconia H-D in Meredith, NH for hosting this big deal for us during the mid-June festivities.

MMP14_LB_Breakout-v1Rally-goers had the first look at two versions of our Tripper Fastback™ seat, and consensus was that the tapered Fastback made the really accentuated wide-tire look of the Breakout. Although both seats offer a 13” front width for the driver and a 7” wide rear, the big difference is the addition of a Tuck and Roll option. Style and comfort combined into one eye-catching, super clean seat that is particularly well suited for the lines of the Breakout.

HDShopThe low cut Tripper Fastback is more than just another pretty face… um, seat. It offers good back support and places the rider a little closer to the ground. Although the seat is tapered in back, it still offers a reasonable degree of passenger comfort as well.

If your Summer Vacation didn’t start in time for you to make it to Laconia to see the new seats in person, we invite you to check it out at:


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16 Jun

Exploring The Adventure Touring Realm

MMP14_LB_BMW-v2Remember the opening lines of the original Star Trek TV series about boldly going where no man has gone before? That is apropos of our latest enterprise — exploring the Adventure Touring segment. We have combined our 34 years of seat-making expertise with the latest CAD-CAM engineering to create a new seat for BMW’s R1200 GS adventure touring bike.

Although bolding going into the Adventure Touring segment is new for Mustang, we know all about all-day comfort. Mustang has been focused on handcrafting the world’s most comfortable seats since 1980… which is just as long as BMW has been offering its GS range of adventure bikes. That’s right, the BMW GS series of dual purpose off-road/on-road BMW motorcycles was launched back in 1980 with the original R80G/S. In fact, GS refers to Gelände/Straße which is German for “off-road/road”.

CADsmIn typical Mustang fashion, we over-engineered this new seat. Starting with our three fundamental building blocks of baseplates, foam and covers, we built these seats from scratch. Our years of experience have taught us that without a proper base to build on, no amount of foam will make a seat as comfortable as it should be. This “better by design” approach meant countless hours at the CAD terminals plotting the prototype baseplate. Then it was onto the padding.

Controlled density polyurethane foam gives Mustang seats their reputation for retaining their shape and providing support for years of use. The exact shape, angle and density had to be dialed in specifically for the demands of the serious ADV-type rider. It had to be soft enough for comfort, but resilient enough to stand up to high-mileage days.”

Finally the cover: Mustang’s covers are made of the highest quality expanded vinyl available. They have the appearance of high grade leather, but the durability and weather resistance that far exceeds cowhide and meets all OEM seat specs. Just like the GS itself, Mustang’s seats are over-engineered to handle whatever adventure you may encounter. All seams are double-stitched for extra strength and the bottom edge is then riveted hold the cover to the baseplate.

Vertically challenged riders will also appreciate the fact that the Mustang seat sits 1.5 inches lower than stock. It is also just 14 inches wide, facilitating most riders’ ability to plant their feet while in the saddle. Options include a 9 inch wide passenger backrest and a built-in backrest. Applications for 2004-12 BMW R1200GS models (oil-cooled).

Gelände or Straße, Mustang is boldly going where we have never gone before!


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9 May

Designed By Dave Perewitz, Made By Mustang

PerewitzlogolargeWhat’s in a name? Plenty when that name is Dave Perewitz!  One of America’s premier painters and bike builders, Dave is a New England original — just like Mustang Seats. Mustang is honored to team up with this living legend to create the Perewitz Signature Seat Series. Combining his unique design style with Mustang’s unmatched comfort has resulted in five unmistakably cool new seats. A work in progress, we have been hinting at the Signature series for awhile, but had to wait until everything lived up to Dave’s exacting standards for artistry and Mustang’s requirements for superior fit and comfort… after all, these seats have both our names on them!

PerewitzSeat_topA bit more background behind the Perewitz name: Dave built his first bike back in 1973. Since then, his artistry and skills have earned the Perewitz name a global reputation in the custom bikes realm, particularly baggers (or “Baggas” as Dave says with his distinctive Massachusetts accent). Dave and the team at Mustang worked closely together to create the Signature Series, comprised of one solo seat and four new Fastback styles. In fact, we only managed to tease dealers with the Solo seat in our full line catalog (see pages 36-37), but now we have Perewitz Signature seats for most Harley-Davidson® FL models from 1997 and up as well as 2006-10 FXST models.

Perewitz_sideshotThe solo seat mentioned in the catalog fits the 2008-14 FL Touring line. Only 11” wide, it is narrower than any stock seat. It also features an innovative hidden installation system so there are no visible bolts or brackets. Matching fender bibs incorporate the diamond stitching with braided edge trim found in the seats. These bibs are felt-backed to protect paint and contoured to fit the fender with no gaps around the edges… and better yet, they cost less than $50.

The four Perewitz Fastbacks are a full 12-inches wide up front, tapering to a sleek 7-inches at the back. Like all Mustang Tripper style seats, the Perewitz Signature Series Seats are cut low to the ground, yet retain enough molded foam to be comfortable. That svelte rear section flows smoothly to the fender, yet has adequate padding for use as a passenger seat in a pinch. All 2008-14 FLs are covered by a single part number (#76981). So are 1997-07 Road Kings, 1997-05 Screamin’ Eagle editions and 2006-07 FLHX Street Glides (part #76980). Ditto for the 1997-2007 FLHT and FLTR (#76983), as well as a seat specifically for the 2006-14 Softail 200mm Wide Tire, 2006-10 FXST, 2007-14 FLSTF Fat Boy and 2008-11 FLSTSB Cross Bones (#76982).

perewitz-bikeEverything had to be exactly right before we announced these seats because we believe so strongly in the New England ideal of Yankee Craftsmanship… and the importance of the Perewitz touch. Designed by Dave, made by Mustang really does mean something: Everything we know about making a superior seat went into this line before we were willing to put our name on it! Check it out at:


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1 May

Our Super Touring Seat Is Now Available For Most Early FL Models

76971_app2_hd-smTime for a quick history lesson! Since 1941, Harley-Davidson® has used the “FL” designation for its large displacement touring bikes. It is tough to argue with nearly 75 years of success, but we do believe there was one area that needed an update: the seat. Sure we are biased, but taller riders were feeling a bit cramped in the stock riding position which is why one of Mustang’s most popular seats has been our “Super Touring” model for later FLs, which sits the rider back further than stock.

Answering the many requests from ‘big or tall’ riders, we are proud to introduce the new Super Touring Seat for early model FLs that provides an extra inch for more comfortable riding and better control of the bike. Mustang’s new Super Touring seats are now available for 1997-2007 Road Kings, 1997-’05 Screamin’ Eagle editions and 2006-’07 FLHX Street Glides plus 1997-07 FLHT/FLTR models. Big and tall riders now have access to increased safety and all-day riding comfort.

Although The Motor Company has a well-established reputation for producing one of the most respected touring machines on earth, we have a pretty respectable track record of our own! Since 1980, we have been handcrafting the world’s most comfortable seats in our Three Rivers, MA factory. Historically speaking, Harley has set the bar pretty high, but our Super Touring seat lives up to its name… and The Motor Company’s reputation.

That extra inch of set back offered by Mustang’s one-piece Super Touring seats is a real game changer. The 19” wide driver seat offers maximum comfort and support. Since it is more fun to tour with a friend, the passenger portion of the Super Touring seat also benefited from Mustang’s exacting design process. The passenger seat is 14” wide to ensure that both riders enjoy maximum comfort. The Super Touring seat is also split to accept the stock or Mustang driver backrest kit. Since form follows function, the Super Touring seat is contoured in order to better clear the saddlebag lids.

76972_hd-smMustang hasn’t overlooked the importance of looks, either. Chrome or subtle black pearl-centered studs give this new seat a touch of elegance. Of course any sort of stud is perceived as too ostentatious by many minimalists, so Mustang also offers a plain Vintage version of the Super Touring seat. Big or tall, studs or plain, Mustang has a super seat option for any Harley FL rider going back to the 1997 models. A historical legacy we are pretty proud of!

For 1997-07 Road Kings,1997-05 Screamin’ Eagle & 2006-07 FLHX Street Glides

Part #76972  One-Piece Super Touring Seat with Chrome Studs: $509

Part #76973  One-Piece Vintage Super Touring Seat (No Studs): $489

For 1997-07 FLHT/FLTR models

Part #76970  One-Piece Super Touring Seat with Black, Pearl-Centered Studs: $509

Part #76971  One-Piece Vintage Super Touring Seat (No Studs): $489


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18 Apr

Mustang Will Have Your Bike Sitting Pretty With S100® Products


Photo by Joe Kardos

The snow has finally melted, even in Three Rivers, MA, and it is riding time again… FINALLY! Although we had some diehards like our new Art Director Joe riding into work despite the sub-zero temps this winter, spring has finally sprung for the rest of us at Mustang. Now it is time for spring cleaning which is why we are happy to announce that we are once again carrying S100® Cycle Care products.

Art Director Joe Kardos put S100 products to the test by riding his bike in to work this Spring.

Art Director Joe Kardos put S100 products to the test by riding his bike in to work this Spring.

We have always used S100 cleaning products to keep our personal bikes sitting pretty. Sure, it helps that they are fellow New Englanders (they are based in nearby Branford, CT), but we have used the products since 1985 because they really work! Even Harley-Davidson® dealers carry S100 because it works so well.

From the original S100 Total Cycle Cleaner in 1 liter deluxe kits, refills and aerosol cans to S100 Polishing Soap/Drying Towel, all the way up to the new S100 Special Surfaces Cleaner, everything you need for a comprehensive spring cleaning is now available from Mustang. Even the complete S100 Cycle Care Gift Sets are in stock for serious spring cleaning. These sets include five of the best S100 products, including 500ml of Total Cycle Cleaner, S100 Drying Towel, S100 Finish Restorer, S100 Corrosion Protectant, S100 Detail+Wax and sponge, all packed in a handy, clear acrylic carry case.

S100_actionShineCons_ sm

Photo by Joe Kardos

Don’t just take our word for it, though. When S100 Total Cycle Cleaner arrived in 1985, it completely changed the way bikes get washed and created an overnight sensation. Rider Magazine hailed it as a “…revolution for the Saturday Morning Wash.” Cycle Magazine said: “Nothing we have tried cuts through road grime quicker or more thoroughly…” In 1986, the Harley-Davidson® Motor Company picked up S100 and began using it at their factory and test track and then decided it was important enough to supply to their dealers… Today they still do! S100 Total Cycle Cleaner is available in both aerosol and liquid form and comes is a variety of sizes, all the way up to a handy 5 liter (1.32 US gal.) canister.


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4 Apr

gene autryMost of you are probably too young to remember Gene Autry as more than the former owner of the California Angels Baseball Club. However, there was a time when “The Signing Cowboy” had hit records and was a bonafide Hollywood movie star. His signature song was “Back In The Saddle Again” — so with a tip of the Stetson to Mr. Autry, Mustang is happy to announce we are back in the saddle again for the 2014 Rally season.

The big news is our return to Americade this summer. After kicking off with Bike Week in Daytona, the Mustang big rig is currently criss-crossing the country. From Arizona Bike Week to Sturgis and Laconia and back to Daytona for Bikertoberfest in the fall, our Rallymeister John Glynn will be hitting all the big events as well as making detours for dealer events and other last-minute additions to the schedule.

BlkTruckObviously we can’t be at every single event this summer… but that didn’t stop us from trying to schedule as many as we possibly could. Because we believe the best way to introduce new products is face-to-face at the rallies, it is important for Mustang to “ride the range” all summer long. We have some new saddles to show off, starting with the Dave Perewitz Signature Series coming for our friends who are partial to Harley FLs… or ‘Baggahs’ as Dave calls them.

There are also seats for another OEM coming that are a departure from our normal offerings. We can’t tell you who they are yet, but their initials are B.M.W. — stay tuned for more details! In the meantime, don’t forget that Mustang offers free installation at all the rallies and we even ship your old seat back for you. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Happy Trails To You… oops, wrong cowboy crooner. See Mustang’s entire 2014 rally schedule here:

Above And Beyond

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28 Mar

A story from real life Mustang Seats customers from Daytona International Speedway that we just had to share:

FBImageRealStory3_28_14“We drove from Bennettsville, South Carolina so we could visit the Mustang Representatives at Daytona International Speedway for 2014 Bike Week.  We already had a Mustang seat and were very satisfied with the comfort so we knew that’s what we wanted.  The only reason we needed a new one was for height purposes.  We were greeted by not one but two wonderful & professional men, Vin & Joe.

After speaking with them they had my husband pull our Street Glide under their trailer.  Those guys changed seats & changed seats & changed seats & even put the same seats on twice just so both of us could sit on them to make sure we were comfortable & happy.  And let me go ahead and put this out there – my husband is very particular about details.

They never made us feel like we were rushed to get done, they treated us with respect and courtesy. They were very professional and yet so personable at the same time.  They even took time to take pictures with me.  So to Vin & Joe – we truly appreciate everything you did for us, y’all are the best of the best (these guys deserve a big bonus) and to Mustang, we salute you for not only making the best motorcycle seats ever but for making sure your company is represented by people like Vin & Joe.”

Thanks again.  Don & Darlene Caulder


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25 Mar

We were able to get our 2014 catalogs printed just in time for Bike Week in Daytona. Believe it or not, we have been handcrafting the world’s most comfortable motorcycle seats in our historic New England facility since 1980. In fact, our photogenic factory is the backdrop for the 2014 catalogs.  Although we love our factory with its old hardwood floors and red brick construction, we were getting cabin fever and needed the excuse to make a run to the sun, even if it meant hand-delivering the new catalogs to Florida… that’s our excuse and we’re sticking with it!

MMP14_NonHarleyRetFCov-smIf you didn’t make it to Daytona to thaw out and take the hand-off of a handcrafted catalog during Bike Week, you can still access Mustang’s 2014 virtual versions. The 124-page “Metric” catalog — including the full line of Mustang seats for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Victory cruisers as well as Triumph and BMW applications — can be found at:

While the V-Twin version is available at:

MMP14_HarleyRetail_FCov-smIn addition to having seats for most metric cruisers and Harley-Davidson® models on the road, we have really broadened our range in recent years with Victory, Triumph and Gold Wing applications. All new additions for 2014 include BMW, Yamaha Bolt and our expanded custom seat program. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg from our New England master craftsmen.

Mustang’s reputation for comfort is a given, but now we are making a name for ourselves on the style side. Collaborating with fellow New Englander Dave Perewitz to create his own signature series seats has been in the works for more than a year, but it is well worth the wait. Meanwhile the seats that we are making for Roland Sands Design remain on the cutting edge of cool!

Our 240-page master catalog for the dealers should be on the countertop at your favorite shop by now, and as mentioned, our pair of supplements specifically for Harley-Davidson® and Metric models are also available at a rally near you. Just look for the Mustang big rig at these events: