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18 Apr

Mustang Will Have Your Bike Sitting Pretty With S100® Products

S100_actionShineTrade_smThe snow has finally melted, even in Three Rivers, MA, and it is riding time again… FINALLY! Although we had some diehards like our new Art Director Joe riding into work despite the sub-zero temps this winter, spring has finally sprung for the rest of us at Mustang. Now it is time for spring cleaning which is why we are happy to announce that we are once again carrying S100® Cycle Care products.

We have always used S100 cleaning products to keep our personal bikes sitting pretty. Sure, it helps that they are fellow New Englanders (they are based in nearby Branford, CT), but we have used the products since 1985 because they really work! Even Harley-Davidson® dealers carry S100 because it works so well.

S100_smFrom the original S100 Total Cycle Cleaner in 1 liter deluxe kits, refills and aerosol cans to S100 Polishing Soap/Drying Towel, all the way up to the new S100 Special Surfaces Cleaner, everything you need for a comprehensive spring cleaning is now available from Mustang. Even the complete S100 Cycle Care Gift Sets are in stock for serious spring cleaning. These sets include five of the best S100 products, including 500ml of Total Cycle Cleaner, S100 Drying Towel, S100 Finish Restorer, S100 Corrosion Protectant, S100 Detail+Wax and sponge, all packed in a handy, clear acrylic carry case.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. When S100 Total Cycle Cleaner arrived in 1985, it completely changed the way bikes get washed and created an overnight sensation. Rider Magazine hailed it as a “…revolution for the Saturday Morning Wash.” Cycle Magazine said: “Nothing we have tried cuts through road grime quicker or more thoroughly…” In 1986, the Harley-Davidson® Motor Company picked up S100 and began using it at their factory and test track and then decided it was important enough to supply to their dealers… Today they still do! S100 Total Cycle Cleaner is available in both aerosol and liquid form and comes is a variety of sizes, all the way up to a handy 5 liter (1.32 US gal.) canister.


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4 Apr

gene autryMost of you are probably too young to remember Gene Autry as more than the former owner of the California Angels Baseball Club. However, there was a time when “The Signing Cowboy” had hit records and was a bonafide Hollywood movie star. His signature song was “Back In The Saddle Again” — so with a tip of the Stetson to Mr. Autry, Mustang is happy to announce we are back in the saddle again for the 2014 Rally season.

The big news is our return to Americade this summer. After kicking off with Bike Week in Daytona, the Mustang big rig is currently criss-crossing the country. From Arizona Bike Week to Sturgis and Laconia and back to Daytona for Bikertoberfest in the fall, our Rallymeister John Glynn will be hitting all the big events as well as making detours for dealer events and other last-minute additions to the schedule.

BlkTruckObviously we can’t be at every single event this summer… but that didn’t stop us from trying to schedule as many as we possibly could. Because we believe the best way to introduce new products is face-to-face at the rallies, it is important for Mustang to “ride the range” all summer long. We have some new saddles to show off, starting with the Dave Perewitz Signature Series coming for our friends who are partial to Harley FLs… or ‘Baggahs’ as Dave calls them.

There are also seats for another OEM coming that are a departure from our normal offerings. We can’t tell you who they are yet, but their initials are B.M.W. — stay tuned for more details! In the meantime, don’t forget that Mustang offers free installation at all the rallies and we even ship your old seat back for you. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Happy Trails To You… oops, wrong cowboy crooner. See Mustang’s entire 2014 rally schedule here: http://www.mustangseats.com/Mustang/Rallies-Events

Above And Beyond

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28 Mar

A story from real life Mustang Seats customers from Daytona International Speedway that we just had to share:

FBImageRealStory3_28_14“We drove from Bennettsville, South Carolina so we could visit the Mustang Representatives at Daytona International Speedway for 2014 Bike Week.  We already had a Mustang seat and were very satisfied with the comfort so we knew that’s what we wanted.  The only reason we needed a new one was for height purposes.  We were greeted by not one but two wonderful & professional men, Vin & Joe.

After speaking with them they had my husband pull our Street Glide under their trailer.  Those guys changed seats & changed seats & changed seats & even put the same seats on twice just so both of us could sit on them to make sure we were comfortable & happy.  And let me go ahead and put this out there – my husband is very particular about details.

They never made us feel like we were rushed to get done, they treated us with respect and courtesy. They were very professional and yet so personable at the same time.  They even took time to take pictures with me.  So to Vin & Joe – we truly appreciate everything you did for us, y’all are the best of the best (these guys deserve a big bonus) and to Mustang, we salute you for not only making the best motorcycle seats ever but for making sure your company is represented by people like Vin & Joe.”

Thanks again.  Don & Darlene Caulder


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25 Mar

We were able to get our 2014 catalogs printed just in time for Bike Week in Daytona. Believe it or not, we have been handcrafting the world’s most comfortable motorcycle seats in our historic New England facility since 1980. In fact, our photogenic factory is the backdrop for the 2014 catalogs.  Although we love our factory with its old hardwood floors and red brick construction, we were getting cabin fever and needed the excuse to make a run to the sun, even if it meant hand-delivering the new catalogs to Florida… that’s our excuse and we’re sticking with it!

MMP14_NonHarleyRetFCov-smIf you didn’t make it to Daytona to thaw out and take the hand-off of a handcrafted catalog during Bike Week, you can still access Mustang’s 2014 virtual versions. The 124-page “Metric” catalog — including the full line of Mustang seats for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Victory cruisers as well as Triumph and BMW applications — can be found at:


While the V-Twin version is available at:


MMP14_HarleyRetail_FCov-smIn addition to having seats for most metric cruisers and Harley-Davidson® models on the road, we have really broadened our range in recent years with Victory, Triumph and Gold Wing applications. All new additions for 2014 include BMW, Yamaha Bolt and our expanded custom seat program. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg from our New England master craftsmen.

Mustang’s reputation for comfort is a given, but now we are making a name for ourselves on the style side. Collaborating with fellow New Englander Dave Perewitz to create his own signature series seats has been in the works for more than a year, but it is well worth the wait. Meanwhile the seats that we are making for Roland Sands Design remain on the cutting edge of cool!

Our 240-page master catalog for the dealers should be on the countertop at your favorite shop by now, and as mentioned, our pair of supplements specifically for Harley-Davidson® and Metric models are also available at a rally near you. Just look for the Mustang big rig at these events: http://www.mustangseats.com/Mustang/Rallies-Events

Mustang Gets Some Valentine’s Day Love From PSB!

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14 Feb

Leading Trade Publication Believes Our Bolt Seat Is Nifty

Nifty50Mustang is sitting pretty with top honors from a leading motorcycle trade publication. Our new Tripper Fastback replacement seat for Yamaha/Star Motorcycles’ new Bolt has proven popular with magazine editors and Bolt owners alike. Appropriately enough, the news was delivered on Valentine’s Day!

Bolt1rSince starting 15 years ago, the Powersports Business’ Nifty 50 contest has recognized the industry’s leading innovations each spring. The trade journal’s February 17th issue, which actually arrived at most dealerships on February 14th, gave Mustang’s new Tripper Fastback seats for the Bolt a little Valentine’s Day love. “The Nifty 50 contest names the best products and services to help dealers succeed in 2014,” explains PSB Editor in Chief Dave McMahon.”

The top 50 products from aftermarket suppliers, distributors and service providers are then determined by a group of editors from publications such as Rider, SnowGoer and Thunder Press. “The top 50 products are chosen by the PSB editors, along with editors from our sister consumer publications at EPG Media, LLC,” adds McMahon. “The list helps dealers know what products and services they should be considering in the coming year.”

77605_LidCover_Studded-smThanks for the love PSB! Of course our New England work ethic means we won’t be sitting on our laurels. In fact, we just announced 2014 lids for Harley FL luggage… and this is just the tip of the ice berg. Wait until you see some of the new innovations we will be rolling out as early as Bike Week in Daytona!


Beating The Bad Weather Blues With A Bolt Out Of The Blue!

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9 Jan

WaDCSnowWith apologies to Ray Charles and his seminal lyrics, if it wasn’t for bad weather, we would have no weather at all this winter. Our big plans to take a bite out of the Big Apple and bring attention to Dave Perewitz “Signature Series” Custom Seat program at the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows event in New York was something of a bust. A native New Englander like Mustang, our friend Dave had no problem making it to the Jacob Javits Center in December, but the media and the crowds were another story. Rather than crying the blues, we decided to press on.

When the IMS tour started back up in January, the forecast for the Detroit show was looking pretty grim. Hoping that the record cold snap would uh, snap, we held onto the electrifying news of Mustang’s new seats for the Yamaha Bolt for another week until the IMS tour reached Washington, DC. Hopefully it was worth the wait for owners of Yamaha’s galvanizing new bike.

Bolt3Yamaha seems to have captured lightning in a bottle with the new Star Bolt. Since it was first presented to the public during Daytona Bike Week last spring, response has been nothing but positive… even among the normally negative media outlets. The bare bones bike has struck a chord with many customizers, while the fuel-injected 950cc air-cooled engine really resonates with hardcore riders. About the only thing we could see shorting out was the stock seat. So Mustang charged ahead with a range of three seats, matching pillions, fully adjustable back rests and accessories such as matching fender bibs, tank bibs and even studded sissy bar pads.

Starting with the Tripper Fastback™ and progressing to a pair of solo-style seats, we have a replacement seat for virtually every Bolt owner. Our popular two-up Tripper Fastback features a 10″ wide driver seat, cut low to provide good back support for the rider. The “Fastback” portion of the Tripper seat is tapered in back, but still offers a reasonable degree of passenger comfort.

If you prefer to fly solo, then perhaps the Wide Vintage Solo version is the seat for you? The 14” wide front bucket positions the pilot at the ideal cruising angle. Like the Bolt itself, the stripped down Vintage Solo saddle comes without studs or conchos.

A third option is the Wide Solo Seat, complete with optional studs and conchos for those so inclined. The 14” wide front bucket sits the driver at the ideal cruising angle. The optional 10” wide passenger seat extends forward to provide ample back support for the driver. Further increasing the versatility of both solo saddles are the matching passenger seat. The 10″ wide passenger pads feature Mustang’s unique internal steel support wings to keep the entire width of the molded foam supported.

But we aren’t done singing our praises, yet. Fully adjustable, easily removable driver backrests are optionally available for both styles of solo saddles. These built-in backrests offer more features than any other backrest on the market and are ideal for longer rides.

Clean, class, comfort… Mustang has three compelling reasons for Bolt buyer’s to consider swapping saddles. Despite being handcrafted in America, Mustang’s replacement seats for the Bolt won’t break the bank, either: MSRP for the Tripper Fastback and Wide Vintage Solo is just $319 and the Wide Studded Solo version is only a couple bucks more at $329.

If you couldn’t make it to the IMS tour stops, click on:  http://bit.ly/1evfKQV


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17 Dec

Model A, Model T What’s The Difference?

We recently sent out a press release announcing our new custom seat program… and were promptly called out for a flagrant mistake. Seems we made reference to the fact that Mustang has historically followed Henry Ford’s mantra of making seats in any color the customer wants, so long as it is black. We did stretch a little by adding the option of distressed brown for some seat styles last year, but most people don’t really consider that a color. We then added a choice of diamond stitching and tuck and roll… but I digress.


Model A Circa 1904

This press release said, and I quote: “Function dictated design. Like Henry Ford and the original Model A, you could have your Mustang seat in any color wanted, so long as it was black…” WRONG!!!! It seems that the original Ford Model A, the first car mass-produced by the Ford Motor Company came in red only, not black. Production began in 1903 (Ernst Pfennig, a dentist from Chicago bought the first Model A on July 23, 1903). According to Wikipedia, 1,750 Model As were made from 1903 through 1904. The Model A was replaced by the Model C in 1904 with some sales overlap.” So we were wrong on both counts about the color and the model of the Ford we used as a point of reference!


Model T 1908-1913

It wasn’t until 1908 that production of the Model T began and perversely it was not even available in black until 1914. From 1908 to 1913, the Model T was available only in gray, green, blue and red. Green was available for the touring cars, town cars, coupes and Landaulets. Gray was only available for the town cars and red only for the touring cars. By 1912, all cars were being painted midnight blue with black fenders. It was only in 1914 that the “any color so long as it is black” policy was finally implemented.

Ford suggested the use of black from 1914 to 1926 due to the cheap cost and durability of black paint. By 1918, half of all the cars on the road in the U.S. were black Model Ts. Ford wrote in his autobiography that in 1909 he told his management team that in the future “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.”

1911-ford-model-t-line-up-ad-lgNot to be confused with the 50 Shades Of Grey book, there were variations on the black color scheme. In fact, during the lifetime production of the Model T, more than 30 different types of black paint were used on various parts of the car. These were formulated to satisfy the different means of applying the paint to the various parts, all of which had distinct drying times, depending on the part, paint and method of drying. (Thank you Wikipedia).

MMP_Custom-laptopSo mea culpa, we should have said “Model T” rather than “Model A” in the press release. To set the record straight, Mustang does offer a choice of 12 colors for our custom seat program (yes, including black). We also have 12 different thread colors to pick your stitching from. Don’t let us color your opinion too much, but we stopped counting the possible permutations of seat styles, colors, stitch patterns, etc. after 17,000. Go to http://www.mustangseats.com/custom to create your own seat.

P.S. We still offer all styles of our seats in basic black!


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18 Nov

Sitting Pretty At The EICMA Show In Italy


More than half a million people packed into the fairgrounds in Milan for EICMA. There was also nearly 7,000 media folks on hand for the world's largest motorcycle show!

More than half a million people packed into the fairgrounds in Milan for EICMA. There was also nearly 7,000 media folks on hand for the world’s largest motorcycle show!

Sorry for slacking off on some of our social media updates during the past couple of weeks, but we have been spanning the globe to get the word out on Mustang’s newest seats for Honda’s F6B Gold Wing, Triumph retro classics and Victory baggers. Between Biketoberfest in Daytona, the Lone Star Rally in Galveston and EICMA in Milan, Italy — not to mention the International Motorcycle Show tour stops in San Mateo, Dallas and Atlanta — we have really been racking up the miles this fall!

Forget E.F. Hutton, when Mustang's Marilyn Simmons speaks, people listen. Here she is speaking to Carmine D'Aloisio, the Europe Senior Commercial Officer, Global Markets from the U.S. Department of Commerce and Vince Marazita organizer of the American Pavilion at EICMA. Although Carmine is now stationed in Rome, he is originally from Mustang's neck of the woods… small world.

Forget E.F. Hutton, when Mustang’s Marilyn Simmons speaks, people listen. Here she is speaking to Carmine D’Aloisio, the Europe Senior Commercial Officer, Global Markets from the U.S. Department of Commerce and Vince Marazita organizer of the American Pavilion at EICMA. Although Carmine is now stationed in Rome, he is originally from Mustang’s neck of the woods… small world.

In ancient times they used to say “all roads lead to Rome” but these days, all roads lead to Milan for the annual EICMA show. Officially known as the Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo, Motociclo & Accessori, the event in Italy has become the world’s largest motorcycle show in the past eight decades. If you are serious about being in the motorcycle market, you have to be at the Milan show. Period. Mustang is so serious, we took up two separate displays. We were proud to be a part of the American Pavilion as well as joining our friends from Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties with a separate display in the Parts Europe Pavilion.

Divide and conquer? Marilyn and Steve had to split time between Mustang displays in the American Pavilion and the Parts Europe Pavilion during the EICMA show in Italy… no big deal until you consider the fact that the Fiera Milano Rho fairgrounds encompass more than 1 million sq./ft. of exhibit space, demo ride areas and race tracks! Here they are at Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties "Parts Europe Pavilion" before the crowds came in.

Divide and conquer? Marilyn and Steve had to split time between Mustang displays in the American Pavilion and the Parts Europe Pavilion during the EICMA show in Italy… no big deal until you consider the fact that the Fiera Milano Rho fairgrounds encompass more than 1 million sq./ft. of exhibit space, demo ride areas and race tracks! Here they are at Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties “Parts Europe Pavilion” before the crowds came in.

Originally held on alternating years and including the bicycle business, EICMA has evolved to become an annual motorcycle event. According to organizers, the 71st International Motorcycle Exhibition reaped results beyond even their rosiest expectations. The number of show attendees increased by 8%, as more than 551,000 people flooded through the turnstiles November 5-10. Encompassing six massive aircraft hangar-sized show halls and an outdoor “MotoLive” arena full of demo rides, race tracks and outdoor activities, the show spans more than 1 million sq./ft..Mustang’s two indoor locations were just part of the displays from 1,400+ exhibitors from 38 different countries. Outside, the MotoLive tracks featured 11 international competitions, with more than 600 racers.


Thanks to Sabina and Stefano for stopping by our Mustang area at the EICMA show in Milan the other day. In addition to admiring our new Bonneville Classic seat on this Triumph, they later sent us a pic of their Honda VT 750 Black Spirit with, as they wrote, “the wonderful and comfortable Mustang Seat; seen on your website and bought your authorized Italian reseller “U Ride” in Rome. Ciao!”

The first two days of the show are reserved for the trade and it was a wonderful opportunity for Mustang to meet with our European dealers and the media from around the world. There were 45,806 trade visitors and 6,896 “communication operators” (journalists, cameramen and photographers), accounting for a 20.5% increase over last year. Media and dealers alike, the interest in Mustang seats was phenomenal. Having a 2014 Triumph Bonneville in the booth really helped stop traffic and bring awareness to the fact that Mustang makes seats for more than just Harleys these days (thanks to Triumph Italia and MAG Europe for the loan of the brand new bike).

This doggone cute little guy dropped by our booth in Italy to tell us how "ruff" we have it!

This doggone cute little guy dropped by our booth in Italy to tell us how “ruff” we have it!

In addition to our proprietary seats, we shared the seats we make for Roland Sands Design. Like Mustang, RSD had displays in the American Pavilion (mille grazie Vince Marazita) and the Parts Europe Pavilion, so you could say we really did go with the Roman legions’ strategy of d

ividing and conquering. However reaching half a million people is a tough task, so just like the hero in an old spaghetti western, look for Mustang who will be back in the saddle again for next year! How’s that for mangling metaphors?

In any case, mark your calendars for the 72nd Esposizione Internazionale del Motociclo November 4-9, 2014.


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22 Oct

The Story Behind Our “Comfort For A Cause” Custom Seats 

Marjorie next to bikeMustang has been proud to participate in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. Our “Comfort For A Cause” custom seat program and the ability to donate $10 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for every pink seat or pink ribbon produced in our Three Rivers factory has been particularly gratifying as a way to honor the determination and compassion of those fighting breast cancer. There is more to this story than we have let on in the press releases and social media fun we have been having with the “Think Pink” seats, though.

This cause really hits close to homePat Pierantozzi as it impacts several members of the Mustang family. Any of you who have met Mustang rep Pat Pierantozzi at the events during the past 15 years might know that she is a breast cancer survivor of 34 years. It meant a lot to all of us when Pat posted the following message to our Facebook page when we announced the Comfort For A Cause campaign: “Thank you Mustang from all of those who have survived, and all that will because of your help with funds for research.” THANK YOU PAT!

Our field general John Glynn who runs things at our big rig during the rallies is the latest member of Mustang’s extended family to be personally caught up in the war with cancer. John is joined by his lovely wife Marjorie at many of these events… in fact, it is her pink flamed Harley that has been on display at the truck this year. Marjorie’s bike is what we had in mind when we created our first pink seat. She can tell the story better than we can:

“My name is Marjorie Glynn. I have been riding motorcycles for more thanv20 years and have always been an advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness — long before we ever had a month designated to show support. I ride a Softail Deluxe, black with pink flames, of course.  I was looking for a way I could display the bike better, promote breast cancer awareness and honor my niece all at the same time. Mustang Motorcycle Seats has shown me the way.

This past year breast cancer hit very close to home when my 35-year-old niece, mother of three young boys, was diagnosed. It was a very difficult year for her, family and friends, but she is now a survivor! I thank God every day. http://robinbradley.blogspot.com/2013/10/past-finish-line.html (posted with permission)

I approached Mustang about making a custom seat for my Softail — black and pink to match the bike and promote Breast Cancer awareness — but the seat they made was more than I could ever have imagined. I can’t even begin to describe the emotions I went through when they presented it to me. Not only did they make a seat for me, they are making Breast Cancer Awareness custom seats available to others. Better yet, Mustang Motorcycle Seats is donating money from each sale to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

I am thankful to Mustang for allowing me to be a part of the Comfort For A Cause program. I am excited about my new seat and what it represents to me personally as well as everyone who sees it and “Thinks Pink” when they do! No doubt about it, my new seat embodies Mustang’s “Clean, Class and Comfort” mission… and all for a great cause, too. Thank you so very much Mustang!

Marjorie Glynn

Marjorie on bikeFor more details or to order, please contact the Mustang customer service hotline at (800) 243-1392, or click on www.mustangseats.com/Contact-Us

If you would like to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, but don’t want to sport a pink saddle, link to them directly at www.bcrfcure.org/

Good, Better, Best… MUSTANG! Upgrading The World’s Best Touring Bike

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22 Oct

FB_Cover_F6BRemember the old “good, better, best” approach? It works great for household appliances like toaster ovens and dishwashers, but it begs the question “what is better than best” in the motorcycle world? People tend to have higher expectations for their motorcycle than they do of their toasters!

According to Honda, the new Gold Wing F6B takes the world’s best touring motorcycle, the Gold Wing, and makes it that much better. The new F6B is lighter, trimmer and leaner than the old ‘Wing. It takes the “good” features of the Wing and makes them a good deal better, starting with plenty of storage and upgraded performance. However we have found one area where better than best is available : The Seat!

Not saying the stock seat is bad, but Mustang’s all new Tripper Fastback is better by design. The 17″ wide front seat sits the rider about 1″ lower than stock for maximum control of the bike while stopped. With the Tripper-style seat, the rider is also positioned further back “into the bike” rather than perched on top, while the notch in the stepped seat offers a full 8″ of all-day back support.

Even better than the Tripper Fastback saddle from Mustang is our Tripper Fastback Deluxe model. The “Deluxe” version offers a Tuck and Roll pattern in the center panel for a “better than best” upgrade for the F6B. High style combined with luxurious comfort sounded like a good mix to our product design team, so the all new Tripper Fastback Deluxe was patterned after classic high-performance Mustang designs and intended to complement the luxurious feel of the F6B.

Adding to the comfort is the pillion portion of the saddle. The passenger seat is 14″ wide and is contoured to take pressure off the co-pilot’s thighs, so you and your passenger can now enjoy outstanding comfort and longer rides together. Both the standard and Deluxe Tripper Fastbacks are designed to work with or without the stock passenger backrest.

Don’t worry about “good, better. best” — cut to the chase and get the better than best option: Mustang!