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Announcing Online Ordering for Mustang Dealers

21 May

Thanks to the efforts of a highly skilled team of designers, engineers, consultants and testers, we are pleased to announce the new Mustang Dealer website. More than a year in planning and development, the new dealer website brings features and capabilities with one goal in mind: making sure Mustang dealers get what they need with a minimum of hassle.

Mustang Motorcycle Seats - Dealer Website

Let’s take a tour!

If you’re a dealer and you go to or click on the Dealer Login link at the top of, you’ll be taken to the Dealer Login page. In the past, dealers had to use a number and a zip code to access the old dealer web site. That’s changed and now dealers can use the e-mail address that has been set up with their account. The new site is integrated with our in-house customer management and ordering software, and all the primary e-mail addresses have been set up as logins to the site. No password? No problem! Simply click on the “Lost or need password” link to create a unique password specific to the dealer account. Submit the e-mail address and a return message will contain a link to a secure page to order for you to create a new password.

Order Pad

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll land on the Order Pad page. This unique feature allows for rapid entry of products by part number directly into your shopping cart. Dealers who know what they want can quickly add and order without having to navigate the more traditional online store.

Order by Bike

Driven by a database that’s integrated with our in-house CRM/Ordering software, we incorporated a search tool that allows you to find all the seats and seat accessories for a specific make, model and year of bike. This tool not only guides dealers to the right product for each customer’s bike, but it (more…)

Riding Tall in the Saddle? Check Out the Super Solo Motorcycle Seat

18 May

In one of this month’s earlier  blog posts, we introduced you to our new one-piece Super Touring seat for riders who tower around 5-foot, 11-inches or more. Also new this season is our Super Solo, which offers an even sleeker appearance and more flexibility for 2008 to 2010 Harley-Davidson FL models.

The new Mustang Super Solo sets you back just far enough for added comfort, plus it allows you to ride totally solo (with or without a driver backrest ) or with your favorite passenger for an all-day comfy two-up ride. 

The Super Solo provides the driver with a deeply pocketed, 17–inch-wide front bucket that moves the driver 1.25-inches farther back than the stock seat. Another benefit: The Super Touring seat is lower than stock, which allows you to plant your feet firmly on the ground – good news no matter how tall you are!

Mustang’s Super Solo features an optional, fully adjustable (more…)

“Two Wheel Thunder” featuring Mustang Seats, Rolls onto Discovery HD TV

14 May

The crew at Mustang Seats takes a co-starring role in “Two Wheel Thunder” next month on Discovery’s HD Theater, hosted by Jay Barbieri and Michele Smith. This brand new motorcycle “magazine” series airs on Monday nights starting June 7, featuring these two motorcycle icons who hosted “American Thunder” on the Speed Channel for years.

A couple of months back, Barbieri and his crew spent an entire day at the Mustang factory in Massachusetts, filming the host and our crew making seats. It was pretty exciting for us to watch the entire production — it really was “lights, camera, action!” With a little assistance from our staff, Barbieri actually learned how to hand-build a Mustang Motorcycle seat from the baseplate to the foam to the cover. In fact, you’ll be able to witness Barbieri trim the foam, stitch the seams on a sewing machine and rivet the cover onto the baseplate.

The Mustang segment airs Monday, June 14, which gives you plenty of time to set your DVR to “Two Wheel Thunder” on Discovery HD and see exactly how a Mustang seat is made!

The Customer Is Always Right — Especially When They Praise Us!

12 May

The first lesson taught in most any marketing class is this: “Word of mouth is the best advertising.” As Marketing Director here at Mustang Motorcycle Products for the past two decades, I’d like to add my own observation, which is this: Nobody, but nobody writes better “advertising copy” than our own customers!

During the 1980s and 1990s, we received plenty of phone calls and letters (many handwritten) praising our Mustang Motorcycle seats or our customer service or a particular sales person. But as folks started using the Internet as their main means of communications, comments from our customers skyrocketed. We now receive hundreds of emails and we read every single one of them.

We’re proud to include these testimonials on our website for prospective customers to read. (And I’m not the only one who likes to read customer comments before making a significant purchase when I’m shopping online for a product or service). And, of course, there’s no better pat-on-the-back for our employees than reading excerpts of these words of praise during sales meetings, or posting the testimonials on our bulletin boards around our factory in Massachusetts.

As an example, we received this great review from a customer “Brennen R.” from Ventura, California, a while back. Here are Brennen’s exact words:

A Whole New Level

“I just got back from a 500 mile, 2-day ride along the California coast on my Harley XL Roadster. I weigh 250 pounds, and my Mustang one-up seat took me comfortably all the way. This seat looks HOT on the bike. My brother and riding partner for the past 30 years said “Dude, that seat makes yer ride look 100 percent cooler, and it feels great! My Mustang seat is the best thing I ever put on a motorcycle–period. I read-up, worried over, fretted, re-considered, looked at reviews and, with utter trepidation, chose a Mustang Wide Vintage seat.  Just 9 minutes after the box was open, it was on, perfect fit, beautiful finish, totally stable (didn’t rattle like the stock set-up), and wonderful, and I was on the way to a whole new level of loving riding my bike. I can’t say enough about it. I love it and it makes all the difference in the ride.”

Now, how can any marketing person come up with a better advertisement than that? Testimonials like this really make my job as Marketing Director a whole lot easier, so I’d like to offer my sincere gratitude to all our customers!

P.S.: Please keep those emails and pictures coming — and don’t forget to visit us on Facebook (

Meet the Team: Mustang Motorcycle Seats’ Founder & President, Al Simmons

7 May

One of the first things you learn about business blogging is that it allows you to put your company’s personality on display. Why would a business like Mustang Motorcycle Seats choose to do something like that? Because unlike businesses in other verticals (think bottle manufacturing, for example), the motorcycle aftermarket parts & accessories industry was spawned by the very same people who ride bikes, and for most of them – in addition to the great products they made – it was their personalities that made them mainstays in the space. In other words, motorcycle people tend to work at motorcycle companies, and we’ve all got a story to tell!

Today we’re pleased to introduce you to Mustang’s leading personality – our founder and president, Al Simmons.

Al Simmons, Founder & President - Mustang Motorcycle Products

Q: What compelled you to start Mustang Motorcycle Products?

A: I was a bored mechanical engineer sitting at a drafting table in the winter of 1971.  There was an ad in the paper for a motorcycle accessory salesman to travel the country and make “$30-50,000 per year.” Well, I got the job and started working for a tattooed visionary named Mike who made motorcycle seats out of a rented house in the Connecticut woods. The business was Corbin-Gentry.

I was put on the road selling seats to dealers in most of the states east of the Mississippi, driving hundreds of thousands of miles in order to do so. After about three years, I was promoted to Sales Manager and traded my van for a real office.

In 1980, things changed at Corbin-Gentry; Mike sold his interest in the company and moved to California. I started my own business, becoming one of their distributors as well as a supplier of die-cast chrome replacement Harley components. (Interesting story that I’ll save for another time, but I partnered for a few years with a fellow who owned a casting company and a World War II fighter plane, a P-51 Mustang.)

In less than a year, supply problems forced me to become a seat manufacturer myself.  I bought a two-person, custom seat operation in Massachusetts, and the rest – some 30 years later – is as they say history.  A lot of hard work, borrowed money, many new employees and good luck led to a full line of “Mustang” seats in time for the 1982 Cincinnati Dealer Show.

Q: What’s the best part of your job?

A: Not to sound corny, but I really enjoy the people. I enjoy the motorcyclists. They are the force behind the growth of Mustang and the success of our seats. I enjoy the dealers.  From Mom & Pop shops to owners of the largest, multiple-location stores, they’re all wonderful to work with.

I also enjoy the competitors. Although we compete for market share, most of us operate independently in design and direction, and it’s rewarding to work within a small fraternity of what could be considered life members.

Finally, last but certainly not least, I enjoy my employees. It is extremely satisfying to be able to provide stimulating careers to Mustang’s family of over a hundred hard-working individuals.

Q: What kind of motorcycle do you ride?

A: I have several Harleys but I spend most of my street riding time on either my Road King or Yamaha V-Star 1300.

Q: What’s your favorite Mustang product?

A: My answer would probably change every year as we design and manufacture new products but, for this year’s riding season, I’d have to say it’s our new Wide Tripper with Driver Backrest.    It’s low and sleek but still gives you a really comfortable ride.

Q: From Mustang’s perspective, what specifically are you most looking forward to over the next 12 to 18 months?

A: Same as what most of us in the industry are probably hoping for — that new motorcycle unit sales rebound to at least half of what they lost.

Q: If you could take a week or so off from work and ride your motorcycle anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you take with you?

A: That’s easy. I’d like to take a long, leisurely ride up the Pacific Coast Highway with my wife — and I can guarantee you that we both will be riding in comfort!

Thanks, Al, for opening up and sharing some really great information.

Look for another “Meet the Team” post to appear here on our blog within the next month or so. In the meantime, if you have a question of your own for Al, ask it by clicking on the Comment link below!

A Motorcycle Seat for Tall Riders: Mustang Super Touring Comfort for FL

5 May

Motorcycle riders come in all shapes and sizes, including tall. If you stand 5’ 11” or above and want to sit a little farther back when cruising, check out our new one-piece Super Touring seat. Not only does the driver have a deeply pocketed, 19–inch-wide front bucket, but the Super Touring seat moves the driver 1.75-inches farther back than the stock seat on 2008 to 2010 Harley-Davidson FL model bikes. Another added benefit for taller riders: The Super Touring seat is lower than stock, which allows you to firmly plant your feet firmly on the ground!

Never forgetting your passenger, we made sure the Super Touring seat is 14–inches wide and fully supported by our unique internal support wings that eliminate sagging at the edges. A matching wrap-around passenger backrest with thicker, extended arms for only $279 ensures all-day comfort for your passenger. The backrest translates into fewer passenger complaints — and let’s face it… that makes everyone happy.

Our one-piece Super Touring seat features an optional, fully adjustable driver backrest that folds flat for ease in getting on and off the motorcycle. It can be removed easily without tools, and lists for only $719 retail with chrome studs. Or the seat can be purchased with black, pearl-centered studs or without studs.