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Follow and Connect with Mustang on Facebook and Twitter

28 Jun

Yes, Mustang Motorcycle Seats has gone ahead and jumped on the social networking bandwagon and we’re not looking back. Social networking is a phenomenon that has swept the World Wide Web. Businesses from small one-person operations to Fortune 500 companies are capitalizing on the incredible power of what essentially are individual voices spreading the word to many in the global community.

Did you hear about Mustang’s new seat?

By utilizing our Facebook page, other Facebook users who “Like” us are able to stay up to date on the latest Mustang news and events postings. You can also post questions on our wall — and we promise someone at Mustang will respond. And best of all, you can share your Mustang story with comments and/or photos, thus adding the richness of your experiences to our global voice.

Twitter is another tool that enables us to quickly send out information to those that follow our ‘tweets.’ Using a 140-character message, we can expeditiously share a product announcement or news about rallies and events to anyone who follows us via Twitter.

How do I sign up on Facebook and Twitter,” you ask? 
The easiest way is to visit (more…)

Watch Jay Barbieri Build a Mustang Motorcycle Seat on Discovery’s ‘Two Wheel Thunder’

18 Jun

Jay Barbieri Makes a Mustang Motorcycle Seat

It was back on the 14th of May when we first told you about Mustang Motorcycle Seats’ upcoming appearance on an episode of Discovery HD Theatre’s Two Wheel Thunder – An American Icon (read “Two Wheel Thunder featuring Mustang Seats, Rolls onto Discovery HD TV”). Well, here we are, one month later, and the show is about to air!

According to Discovery’s HD Theatre website, you can catch the episode of Two Wheel Thunder that takes viewers “…behind the scenes to see how Mustang creates and builds some of the most comfortable motorcycles in the industry” no less than six times between this Sunday and the end of June:

  • Monday, June 21, 2010: 9:00 p.m. Eastern
  • Tuesday, June 22, 2010: 12:00 a.m. Eastern
  • Tuesday, June 22, 2010: 4:00 a.m. Eastern
  • Sunday, June 27, 2010: 1:00 p.m. Eastern
  • Tuesday, June 29, 2010: 2:00 p.m. Eastern
  • Saturday, July 3, 2010: Noon Eastern

Set your DVR, add a reminder to your calendar, and invite some friends over, or just plop yourself in front the television for 30 minutes of viewing pleasure. However you do it, be sure to watch. Mustang motorcycle seats are made right here in the U.S.A., and this episode of Two Wheel Thunder – An American Icon, features one of the show’s hosts, Jay Barbieri, working alongside (more…)

June in New Hampshire Means Laconia Motorcycle Week

11 Jun

Like April in Paris, June in New Hampshire conjures up certain feelings and emotions. For kids, June and New Hampshire means summer camp. For families, it means road trips and camping throughout the White Mountains or extended stays at Lake Winnipesaukee. And for motorcycle riders and enthusiasts, June in New Hampshire means Laconia Motorcycle Week, a week-and-a-half long festival that attracts more than 400,000 people to central New Hampshire.

As you would expect, the Mustang Motorcycle Seats 18-wheel tractor-trailer and show crew will be on hand in Laconia for all of Motorcycle Week (starting Saturday, June 12, through Sunday, June 20). If you’ll be partying in Laconia, touring the spectacular White Mountains, or swimming in beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee, please stop by and say hello – especially if you’re in the market for a new motorcycle seat.

You can find us at Laconia Harley-Davidson, which is located at 239 Daniel Webster Hwy (Rte 3), in Meredith, NH. Our highly efficient and hard-working mechanics and installation specialists can set you up on the spot with (more…)

Mustang Motorcycle Seat Installation, it’s easy peasy. No, really!

8 Jun

Example of Motorcycle Seat Mounting Instructions

Thinking about switching to a more comfortable seat but you’re just a little bit intimidated by the notion? If you’ve got concerns about replacing your original motorcycle seat, not to worry. It’s a piece of cake — even for those who think a Phillips-head screwdriver is vodka and Milk of Magnesia. You can do the switcheroo relatively quickly and without pain. You certainly don’t have to be a trained mechanic to perform the task.

If you’ve ever taken off your stock seat, you already have the know-how to complete this job. You say you’ve never even looked under your original seat?  Again, no biggie. In most cases, it’s a simple matter of unscrewing a rear mounting bolt and disconnecting the nose (front) of the seat that nestles up to the gas tank. As you lift up slightly on the back of the seat, pull the seat toward the back of the bike and off it comes.

Not only are motorcycle seat mounting suggestions available on our website, but all Mustang seats are boxed up with mounting instructions attached to the seat. For example, if you have a one-piece stock seat and you’re replacing it with a two-piece aftermarket seat, the instructions will take you through the process of mounting both seats. As long as you purchase a replacement seat that’s specifically made for the exact make, model and year of your bike, there’s no need to worry about fitment.

Here at Mustang, we’re very careful to build replacement seats that (more…)

Visit Americade 2010 and We Will Slap a New Seat on Your Motorcycle

4 Jun

Mustang Motorcycle Seats’ 18-wheeler tractor-trailer and show crew will be on hand Tuesday through Saturday, June 8-12 at beautiful Lake George, NY, site of the 2010 Americade Tour Expo.

This year, our big black, white and red rig will be on display at Million Dollar Beach alongside the other vendors. So if you’ll be in the Lake George area, please stop by and say hello — especially if you’re in the market for a new motorcycle seat. Our highly efficient and hard-working mechanics and installation specialists can set you up on the spot with one heck of a deal. And if you want, we’ll even ship your old seat home for free.

As with all of the motorcycle rallies we attend throughout the year, we’ll have a great selection of motorcycle seats for almost every Harley, including our new 2010 Touring Tripper Fastback seat, Wide Super Touring Seats and our saddlebag lid covers. We’ll also have a full selection of Metric cruiser seats and accessories on display, including our new line of seats for the Vulcan 1700.

We look forward to seeing you at Americade’s Tour Expo in Lake George!

Introducing Mustang Nostalgic Luggage

2 Jun

New for 2010 - Nostalgic Luggage from Mustang

As you probably know, we’ve been making motorcycle seats ever since 1980, and you wouldn’t believe how many times people have asked us why we don’t sell luggage to match our motorcycle seats. Well, after three decades, we’ve introduced a line of luggage. Mustang Nostalgic Luggage is durably constructed and completely covered in a high quality, expanded black vinyl to perfectly complement our own Mustang seats or stock seats.

Our new Journey Bag offers a classic look with surprising capacity, capable of handling all your gear on extended trips with ease. Measuring 18 inches tall by 14 inches deep and 20 inches wide, the total storage capacity — including the three side compartments — is an impressive 3,744 cubic inches.  Retail price is $199 studded or $189 plain.

The new Jaunt Bag combines form and function in a very versatile bag. The center compartment expands to hold a full-face helmet. And a discreetly hidden shoulder strap allows the bag to be worn as a backpack. The Mustang Jaunt Bag sells for $169 studded, $159 without studs.

Our Sunsetter Bag is ideal for daylong trips but with a storage capacity of 1,800 cubic inches it can easily accommodate an overnighter.  Mounting options include (more…)