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Mustang ‘Spreads Comfort’ at a Pair of Distributor Shows

30 Aug

Marilyn Simmons, our marketing director, made the rounds of motorcycle industry distributor shows in recent weeks in order to make sure Mustangs seats are available everywhere in the marketplace for you — the Mustang Motorcycle Seat customer.

Mustang attends these shows for two reasons, Simmons said. “We want to teach sales reps about our seats and show these reps how they can assist their dealers with sales and marketing. Our purpose is to educate sales reps and motorcycle parts and accessories dealers so they, in turn, can better inform the riding public.

“A knowledgeable consumer is our best customer,” Simmons said, adding with a smile that her purpose in attending these sessions is “to teach and spread comfort.”

Simmons said she attended the LeMans’ National Vendor Presentation in Madison, Wis., as well as the Biker’s Choice/Tucker Rocky’s sales meeting for vendors and dealers. Based in Janesville, Wis., LeMans Corp. owns Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties. Biker’s Choice and Tucker Rocky Distributing are headquartered in Fort Worth, Tex.

“For both shows, Saturday was devoted to teaching reps about Mustang seats and how they can assist their dealers with sales and marketing of our seats,” she said. “Sunday is always a flurry of activity since the most active authorized dealers from across the country attend the show. Each rep introduced personnel from their top dealerships to all the vendors so that we can offer hands-on training directly to these dealers.”

She said the shows brought together a total of nearly 500 highly trained representatives as well as hundreds of aftermarket vendors who displayed their products, programs and new items for next year. Both of the host distributors maintain numerous warehouses around the country to provide lightning-fast delivery throughout the world.

“The advantage for Mustang,” Simmons said, “is to present a forum to ensure our products are available everywhere in the market. And these shows also give our staff the chance to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones.”

Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Seats Now Available from Mustang

20 Aug

Have you heard our latest news? Mustang Motorcycle Seats now has a new line of seats for owners of 2009-2010 Classic, Voyager and Nomad models of Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 motorcycles.

All are one-piece seats in Sport or Wide styles, and all are designed to make your Kawasaki look even more sleek and classy than the day you drove it off the sales lot. These custom seats are solidly molded to our one-piece, marine-grade fiberglass baseplate with rubber bumpers positioned to protect both the frame and the fender of your bike. In addition, our baseplates are a direct replacement to your stock seat, making installation a cakewalk.

Kawasaki 1700 Nomad 2009-2010 & Voyager Studded Sport Touring One Piece

The Sport Touring model features a 16.5-inch wide driver bucket and an 8-inch wide passenger seat, providing long-distance riding comfort to both driver and passenger.  Also adding comfort is the built-in driver backrest, and for beauty, all styles include skirts with braided-edge trim. We offer the Sport Touring seat with studs or as a sport vintage option with no studs and no conchos.

For Nomad models, we’ve taken the passenger into further consideration by offering sissy bar pads that enable the rider to sit 1.5 inches further back in the seat.

Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Classic 2009-2010 DayTripper Seat

The Mustang collection goes low and lean with the one-piece DayTripper that features a 12-inch front width, tapering to eight inches for the passenger. This model is highlighted by incredibly detailed stitch work that demands close-up inspection.

For those Kawasaki riders who prefer even more comfort, our new Wide Touring seats feature deeply pocketed 16.5-inch wide driver seats situated at an ideal cruise angle. And we don’t scrimp on the passenger’s comfort, either, with a 12.5-inch wide passenger seat that features our one-of-a-kind internal steel support wings.

For those who don’t care for the driver backrest, the Wide Touring seat features a nose on the passenger seat that extends forward, creating a well-supported 8-inch-high backrest. Of course if you’re fond of the driver backrest, we’ve got them for you. That goes for studs and conchos, too. It’s your choice.

For prices and additional information, see our website catalog at

Sturgis Rally: Inspiration in the Black Hills of South Dakota

16 Aug

Editor’s Note: This blog entry was written by Mike Panasci, Vice President, Mustang Motorcycle Products, Inc.

I’ve been working in the motorcycle industry and riding bikes for more than 42 years now and, truth be told, last week was the first time I ever set foot in Sturgis, South Dakota.

My boss — Mustang Motorcycle Seats President Al Simmons — pretty much insisted I fly with him to Sturgis, along with Gary Kendrick, our vice president of production. Al did the flying, expertly handling the controls of his own eight-seat Pilatus PC-12 turbo prop.

Another directive from my boss was that the three of us had to spend an afternoon riding in the famous Black Hills of South Dakota. After a leisurely tour of the well-traveled loop of Deadwood, Custer Park and the Needles, we approached our ultimate destination — Mount Rushmore.

No photograph I’ve ever seen of the place prepared me for the impact of actually standing beneath this monumental, man-made creation, surrounded by fellow bikers who also stood in awe before these inspirational carved granite figures.

Breaking the reverie, my cell phone indicated I had a voice message. It was the staff back at the Mustang booth with an urgent message for Al to call J&P Cycles as soon as possible. As most riders know, J&P is the premier motorcycle aftermarket retailer, started in the cornfields of Iowa more than three decades ago by owners John and Jill Parham.

As you may or may not know, John Parham publicly announced this spring that he was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis back in 2007. There’s no cure for this disease — the only hope for extended survival is a lung transplant.

When Al called J&P, he was told that a suitable donor had been matched to John, and that John and his wife were flying from Iowa to the Cleveland Clinic for the surgery. Meanwhile, the Parham’s son, Zach, who is vice president of operations for J&P, was stuck in Sturgis overseeing the company store. Obviously, it was important that Zach see his father before an operation of this magnitude and time was of the essence.

Could Al fly Zach to Cleveland in time to see his father?

Good question. And it raised other questions. Al’s plane was (more…)

Meet the Team: Mustang Vice President Mike Panasci

10 Aug

In touch businesses provide their customers with a blog that not only offers advice, news and features about the company and its products, but also puts a face on the people who work there. Here at Mustang Motorcycle Seats, you tend to find a lot of people who not only ride bikes, but also are passionate about their recreational means of transportation.

Mike Panasci, VP of Mustang Motorcycle Products, Inc.

For most of them, it’s a dream come true — working in an industry chock full of motorcycle parts and accessories. The passion for their pastime is evident in their work. They’re doing what they were born to do and often it’s the customer who benefits.

One of those people who helps make this happen is Mike Panasci, our vice president — a leading personality at Mustang,

Mustang Motorcycle Seats: What did you do prior to coming to work for Mustang?

Mike Panasci: I’ve been in the motorcycle industry now for more than 40 years, starting at a Honda franchise the day I turned 16. A few years later, I switched to a large aftermarket shop in Connecticut during which time I received my college degree in Business.

MMS: What attracted you to Mustang?

MP: Our shop had done business with Mustang for years and developed quite a good relationship with Mustang. After a total of 15 years in retail, it was time to try something else. Since it was close to my home, a position with Mustang seemed like a nice fit.

MMS: What’s the best part of your job?

MP: This will seem like a cliché, but I’ve got a very nice position with a company in the industry that is absolutely my passion. I jump around from department to department (sales, marketing, graphics, production, etc.) and with my hyper personality, it suits me just fine. (more…)

Mustang Debuts Its Retro-style Cyclone Seat Just in Time for Sturgis

6 Aug

It’s not coincidence — no coincidence at all — that we’re introducing a new motorcycle seat just in time for the 70th anniversary of the Sturgis Rally. A retro-style seat built in time for an event that dates back to 1940. It’s appropriate. But certainly no coincidence.

Cyclone Solo Motorcycle Seat

It’s called the Cyclone Solo and one look tells you it was inspired by early racers yet engineered to fit late-model bikes. Available in several two-tone styles, the Mustang Cyclone Solo motorcycle seat evokes an earlier time but definitely features a silhouette that is current and cool. In all, these Cyclone solos come in a choice of five styles, including several with or without black or brown inserts. They are constructed of the highest quality expanded vinyl available.

Mustang’s Frame Mounting Plate makes it easy to install these seats on your Softail, Sportster, and FL Touring models of Harley-Davidson. The marine-grade fiberglass frame mounting plate can be custom painted and comes with hardware, edge trim and a carpeted bottom to protect your bike’s frame and fender. Cyclone Solos for the FL Police Air Ride and the Cross Bones models can be (more…)