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These Seats are Low to the Ground to Keep you in Control

20 May

LowDown Seat for FL Touring Models

So here’s the lowdown on our new LowDown seats for all 2009 and up FL Touring models. First off, just looking at these seats tells you that both the driver and passenger are sitting in the lap of luxury. You just as well could be lounging on a couch in the living room (it’s that comfortable).

Secondly, we developed these seats after customers bugged us for years to construct a seating arrangement that put the driver lower to the ground without sacrificing comfort. We’re not going to cite heights here, but face it — if you can’t get your boots flat on the ground while your bike is stopped, you lack control. And the only thing that makes matters worse is the fact that you have a passenger on the back. A dangerous condition has become doubly dangerous.

The new LowDown touring design for the FL Touring models sits the driver 1.5 inches lower than the stock seat to ensure a “both boots on the ground” stance. For even better stability at stops, the seat places the driver slightly forward and the nose of the seat has been narrowed. Our in-house design team retained the deeply pocketed, 16.5-inch-wide front bucket for the driver, while the passenger also rides comfortably on a fully supported 14-inch-wide seat.

You can get the LowDown touring seat either plain or with (more…)

Close Encounters of the Harley Kind

6 May

Mustang Seats employee Jason Montanari says he’s been watching our product go out the door every day for the past five years. So when the opportunity arose to see our seats on a trio of Harleys, Jason was all over it. Seems he was coming back from a hike at Quabbin Reservoir with his mother when he spotted five Harleys parked off in the distance. Noting that three of the bikes sported Mustang seats, he and Mom moseyed over for a closer view.

Unfortunately, one of the riders spotted Jason and Mom hanging around so close to his coveted ride and he approached the pair with malice written all over his face. Watch this two-minute video to see what happened when Jason tried to explain his interest in the bikes to a very suspicious rider. It’s a pretty nice story, especially when told by this veteran Mustang seat maker.