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Trimmed to Perfection: Meet Mark Ammann, Foam Trimmer

28 Mar

Inside every Mustang seat is a foam or cushion. Every foam was created by pouring Mustang’s “secret” foam recipe into a mold to be cured. Once the newly formed foam is removed from the mold, it has to be carefully trimmed along each edge. One slip of the knife would mean the cover of the seat wouldn’t fit snugly. (If that were to happen, Mustang would scrap the foam and start over!)

Not only has Mark Ammann been Mustang’s foam trimmer for the past 13 years, Mark is Mustang’s first and only full-time foam trimmer.

Mark says that his favorite part of the job is the people with whom he works – they always lift him up when he’s feeling down. His least favorite part is the wrist pain that comes with trimming hundreds of foams each day. In addition to trimming all the foams Mustang makes, Mark also does manual cycle counting every single morning to make sure the foam inventory is accurate.

Prior to joining Mustang, Mark worked for two years with his cousin at Deluxe Check Printing as a stock collator which fed the press operator. As soon as Mark heard that Deluxe was closing their operations in Massachusetts, he went right to Mustang and applied for a job.

Mark is single and enjoys ten-pin bowling, roller skating, mountain biking, watching movies and checking out new malls. He loves doing things on the spur of the moment. For years, he has had an interest in lighthouses and all things Harry Potter. In fact, Mark is a wonderful amateur writer and is working on his 4th Harry Potter sequel where he showcases his bright imagination and keen grasp of the J.K. Rowling characters. Mark loves dogs and cats; his sister works in a veterinary office. His parents live nearby in Monson.

Mark has had a front seat noticing all the changes Mustang has gone through during his 13 years here. He enjoys the new racking system which was instituted in last fall which he believes makes it easier for him and the foreman to keep track of the foams he trims.

Mark hopes to make Mustang his home away from home for another 13 years. Why? “Mustang is a good company to work for with good benefits and good people. What more could you ask for?”

Thanks, Mark!

Daytona Bike Week 2012

23 Mar

Now that Bike Week has ended, we are concentrating on building our seats.


Thanks again to all of you who stopped by one of the three Mustang locations!


We hope we helped make your ride home a lot more comfortable!




Bike Week 2012

7 Mar

Will you be among the thousands of people heading to sunny Daytona Beach to attend Bike Week?

If you are, then keep an eye out for us!


Mustang will be at three locations this year:

March 9-17th – Miller’s Custom Parts, 1863 S. Ridgewood Avenue in South Daytona

March 7-17th J&P Cycles, Destination Daytona in Ormond Beach
March 8-18th at the Daytona International Speedway, 1801 W International Speedway in Daytona Beach.

We hope to see you there!

What’s All the Fuss About Foam?

2 Mar

Ever really think about what’s inside your office chair, couch or motorcycle seat?

In most cases it’s foam, and that’s the subject of this 4th chapter in our continuing series “Motorcycle Seats 101.”

For a seat to be comfortable, “it’s what’s inside that counts”. The most important component of comfort no matter what type of seat you are sitting on is the seat foam–both the quality of the foam itself and its shape.

Not all foam padding is created equal. There are essentially two ways to make a “seat shape” out of foam. You can take a large cube of foam and then whittle and grind it down to the shape you want (a relatively cheap and easy process) or you can create the foam in the density and the exact shape you need…all from scratch.

Mustang has perfected a “controlled density” polyurethane formula with the perfect mixture of open and closed foam cells to provide all day comfort for riders. For example, an open cell foam can be easily squeezed or flattened (like a kitchen sponge) while closed cell foam is extremely firm and can barely be compressed (such as a firm life preserver).

Before the foam is mixed, however, a heavy-duty fiberglass mold must be created to perfectly match the seat shape that was designed in Mustang’s R&D department. Once the mold is perfected, the liquid foam solution is poured into the mold.

The lid of the mold must be quickly and securely closed to withstand the force as, within minutes, the chemicals react and the liquid is solidified within the mold–a process similar to a giant waffle maker.

As soon as the foam has cured, the lid is opened and the foam mold is extracted and ready to be hand-built into a Mustang seat—but that’s a later chapter.

Mustang’s high quality foam usually feels firmer than stock but is less firm than other aftermarket seats. It will compress enough to mold itself to your body shape within about 15 minutes of riding time–every time you ride. You do not need a “break-in” period to be comfortable. Your 100th ride will be equal to your 10,000th mile.