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Red Knights Light Up Our Day

2 Nov

The Red Knights Motorcycle Club, Massachusetts Chapter 2 decided to celebrate Halloween 2012 in a very special way – a road trip to Mustang’s seat manufacturing facility! The Red Knights share the common interest of motorcycling, promoting motorcycle safety and the brotherhood of fire fighting. They provide support to various non-profit charities and are all-around big-hearted folks. Maury Lizotte, Secretary Red Knights Mass Chapter 2, arranged the road trip and we were so happy to meet them.
The plant tour started when the Red Knights asked to meet Jeremy Pardo, the Shipping Supervisor. They had read on Mustang’s blog about Jeremy joining the Army in 2013 and wanted to shake his hand. Jeremy was happy to meet everybody and receive their good wishes. The tour continued to the Design Dept. where Gary Kendrick showed them the seat design process. They got a sneak peek at Coming Attractions for the Mustang and Roland Sands seat designs including the new Must-Stash bag. Each department got to show off what they do and how they do it but the highlight of the tour was the sewing department. Once they saw how the Mustang logo becomes embossed into the leather and vinyl, the Red Knights all wanted the Mustang logo embossed on their Red Knights vests. Well, sewing supervisor Karen Lundquist was more than happy to oblige.
When the tour arrived at the inspection department, inspector Steve Pawlowski eagerly showed off the relatively new inspection department computers which aid in the identification and inspection of our ever-growing line of seats. After that, Maury got up close and personal with a heated Gold Wing seat. The tour ended with – what else – Halloween candy!
Thank you to all our new Red Knights friends and we look forward to seeing you and more of your Club members for another tour in the spring. Happy Riding!  P.S.  If your group is interested in a tour of our Mustang Factory, please email info [at] mustangseats [dot] com.  Thank you!

Maury Lizotte, Secretary Red Knights Mass Chapter 2 wrote:  ” Cathy,  On behalf of my fellow Red Knights, thank you for an awesome tour, which lasted close to 3 hours (must be we asked too many questions).  Please also pass on our appreciation to Gary in engineering for spending all that time with us, and also with Paul, from me personally thank Karen for my Mustang Logoed Vest.  I am sure there will be more pictures that Bob has taken that will end up on our web site, and for which you will get a link.   Once this tour gets discussed with other members who could not attend today I am quite sure come spring we may be ready for another tour!”

Bob Laford, President, Red Knights – Mass Chapter 2 wrote:  “Cathy,  I know that Maury has probably already thanked you, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the tour yesterday.  In a past life I was a tool maker (right out of high school) and have always appreciated the work I see when I visit manufacturing facilities.  Your people definitely show their pride and the product they craft shows the quality they put into each day they are at work.   Again, it was a wonderful afternoon spent!”