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22 Oct

The Story Behind Our “Comfort For A Cause” Custom Seats 

Marjorie next to bikeMustang has been proud to participate in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. Our “Comfort For A Cause” custom seat program and the ability to donate $10 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for every pink seat or pink ribbon produced in our Three Rivers factory has been particularly gratifying as a way to honor the determination and compassion of those fighting breast cancer. There is more to this story than we have let on in the press releases and social media fun we have been having with the “Think Pink” seats, though.

This cause really hits close to homePat Pierantozzi as it impacts several members of the Mustang family. Any of you who have met Mustang rep Pat Pierantozzi at the events during the past 15 years might know that she is a breast cancer survivor of 34 years. It meant a lot to all of us when Pat posted the following message to our Facebook page when we announced the Comfort For A Cause campaign: “Thank you Mustang from all of those who have survived, and all that will because of your help with funds for research.” THANK YOU PAT!

Our field general John Glynn who runs things at our big rig during the rallies is the latest member of Mustang’s extended family to be personally caught up in the war with cancer. John is joined by his lovely wife Marjorie at many of these events… in fact, it is her pink flamed Harley that has been on display at the truck this year. Marjorie’s bike is what we had in mind when we created our first pink seat. She can tell the story better than we can:

“My name is Marjorie Glynn. I have been riding motorcycles for more thanv20 years and have always been an advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness — long before we ever had a month designated to show support. I ride a Softail Deluxe, black with pink flames, of course.  I was looking for a way I could display the bike better, promote breast cancer awareness and honor my niece all at the same time. Mustang Motorcycle Seats has shown me the way.

This past year breast cancer hit very close to home when my 35-year-old niece, mother of three young boys, was diagnosed. It was a very difficult year for her, family and friends, but she is now a survivor! I thank God every day. (posted with permission)

I approached Mustang about making a custom seat for my Softail — black and pink to match the bike and promote Breast Cancer awareness — but the seat they made was more than I could ever have imagined. I can’t even begin to describe the emotions I went through when they presented it to me. Not only did they make a seat for me, they are making Breast Cancer Awareness custom seats available to others. Better yet, Mustang Motorcycle Seats is donating money from each sale to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

I am thankful to Mustang for allowing me to be a part of the Comfort For A Cause program. I am excited about my new seat and what it represents to me personally as well as everyone who sees it and “Thinks Pink” when they do! No doubt about it, my new seat embodies Mustang’s “Clean, Class and Comfort” mission… and all for a great cause, too. Thank you so very much Mustang!

Marjorie Glynn

Marjorie on bikeFor more details or to order, please contact the Mustang customer service hotline at (800) 243-1392, or click on

If you would like to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, but don’t want to sport a pink saddle, link to them directly at

Good, Better, Best… MUSTANG! Upgrading The World’s Best Touring Bike

22 Oct

FB_Cover_F6BRemember the old “good, better, best” approach? It works great for household appliances like toaster ovens and dishwashers, but it begs the question “what is better than best” in the motorcycle world? People tend to have higher expectations for their motorcycle than they do of their toasters!

According to Honda, the new Gold Wing F6B takes the world’s best touring motorcycle, the Gold Wing, and makes it that much better. The new F6B is lighter, trimmer and leaner than the old ‘Wing. It takes the “good” features of the Wing and makes them a good deal better, starting with plenty of storage and upgraded performance. However we have found one area where better than best is available : The Seat!

Not saying the stock seat is bad, but Mustang’s all new Tripper Fastback is better by design. The 17″ wide front seat sits the rider about 1″ lower than stock for maximum control of the bike while stopped. With the Tripper-style seat, the rider is also positioned further back “into the bike” rather than perched on top, while the notch in the stepped seat offers a full 8″ of all-day back support.

Even better than the Tripper Fastback saddle from Mustang is our Tripper Fastback Deluxe model. The “Deluxe” version offers a Tuck and Roll pattern in the center panel for a “better than best” upgrade for the F6B. High style combined with luxurious comfort sounded like a good mix to our product design team, so the all new Tripper Fastback Deluxe was patterned after classic high-performance Mustang designs and intended to complement the luxurious feel of the F6B.

Adding to the comfort is the pillion portion of the saddle. The passenger seat is 14″ wide and is contoured to take pressure off the co-pilot’s thighs, so you and your passenger can now enjoy outstanding comfort and longer rides together. Both the standard and Deluxe Tripper Fastbacks are designed to work with or without the stock passenger backrest.

Don’t worry about “good, better. best” — cut to the chase and get the better than best option: Mustang!

Think Pink Custom Seats Kick Off Our “Comfort For A Cause” Campaign

4 Oct

PinkSeat_ad_300x250Since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month we wanted to do our part. Despite the SNAFU of the move and our phone lines being down for nearly two weeks, we managed to kick off the “Comfort For A Cause” campaign in support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s efforts to find a cure. By helping people to “think pink” we can do our part to help BCRF drive awareness, however we wanted to do more.

How better to help than a little cold hard cash? Mustang is donating $10 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for each limited edition seat sold during the month of October as a way to honor the survival, determination and compassion of those fighting breast cancer. Of course the pink seats make this program uniquely Mustang, so Comfort For A Cause is a perfect way for us to do our part!

BCRF was selected as the charity to work with because 91% of the funds raised go directly to breast cancer research and awareness programs. It is comforting to know that 88% of the money raised by our “Comfort For A Cause” campaign goes directly to research. The remaining 3% goes to the BCRF awareness campaign… which is where our pink seats can help call even more attention to this worthy cause!

Of course not everyone will be into apink ribbon seat_6totally pink seat. We are offering a choice of pink ribbons, contrasting pink stitching or even entire inlays for those who embrace the “Think Pink” concept. Please note that the location of the ribbons may vary depending on the type of seat and not all seats can be customized. For more details or to order, please contact the Mustang customer service hotline at (800) 243-1392, or click on

If you would like to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, but don’t want to sport a pink saddle, link to them directly at