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17 Dec

Model A, Model T What’s The Difference?

We recently sent out a press release announcing our new custom seat program… and were promptly called out for a flagrant mistake. Seems we made reference to the fact that Mustang has historically followed Henry Ford’s mantra of making seats in any color the customer wants, so long as it is black. We did stretch a little by adding the option of distressed brown for some seat styles last year, but most people don’t really consider that a color. We then added a choice of diamond stitching and tuck and roll… but I digress.


Model A Circa 1904

This press release said, and I quote: “Function dictated design. Like Henry Ford and the original Model A, you could have your Mustang seat in any color wanted, so long as it was black…” WRONG!!!! It seems that the original Ford Model A, the first car mass-produced by the Ford Motor Company came in red only, not black. Production began in 1903 (Ernst Pfennig, a dentist from Chicago bought the first Model A on July 23, 1903). According to Wikipedia, 1,750 Model As were made from 1903 through 1904. The Model A was replaced by the Model C in 1904 with some sales overlap.” So we were wrong on both counts about the color and the model of the Ford we used as a point of reference!


Model T 1908-1913

It wasn’t until 1908 that production of the Model T began and perversely it was not even available in black until 1914. From 1908 to 1913, the Model T was available only in gray, green, blue and red. Green was available for the touring cars, town cars, coupes and Landaulets. Gray was only available for the town cars and red only for the touring cars. By 1912, all cars were being painted midnight blue with black fenders. It was only in 1914 that the “any color so long as it is black” policy was finally implemented.

Ford suggested the use of black from 1914 to 1926 due to the cheap cost and durability of black paint. By 1918, half of all the cars on the road in the U.S. were black Model Ts. Ford wrote in his autobiography that in 1909 he told his management team that in the future “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.”

1911-ford-model-t-line-up-ad-lgNot to be confused with the 50 Shades Of Grey book, there were variations on the black color scheme. In fact, during the lifetime production of the Model T, more than 30 different types of black paint were used on various parts of the car. These were formulated to satisfy the different means of applying the paint to the various parts, all of which had distinct drying times, depending on the part, paint and method of drying. (Thank you Wikipedia).

MMP_Custom-laptopSo mea culpa, we should have said “Model T” rather than “Model A” in the press release. To set the record straight, Mustang does offer a choice of 12 colors for our custom seat program (yes, including black). We also have 12 different thread colors to pick your stitching from. Don’t let us color your opinion too much, but we stopped counting the possible permutations of seat styles, colors, stitch patterns, etc. after 17,000. Go to to create your own seat.

P.S. We still offer all styles of our seats in basic black!