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16 Jun

Exploring The Adventure Touring Realm

MMP14_LB_BMW-v2Remember the opening lines of the original Star Trek TV series about boldly going where no man has gone before? That is apropos of our latest enterprise — exploring the Adventure Touring segment. We have combined our 34 years of seat-making expertise with the latest CAD-CAM engineering to create a new seat for BMW’s R1200 GS adventure touring bike.

Although bolding going into the Adventure Touring segment is new for Mustang, we know all about all-day comfort. Mustang has been focused on handcrafting the world’s most comfortable seats since 1980… which is just as long as BMW has been offering its GS range of adventure bikes. That’s right, the BMW GS series of dual purpose off-road/on-road BMW motorcycles was launched back in 1980 with the original R80G/S. In fact, GS refers to Gelände/Straße which is German for “off-road/road”.

CADsmIn typical Mustang fashion, we over-engineered this new seat. Starting with our three fundamental building blocks of baseplates, foam and covers, we built these seats from scratch. Our years of experience have taught us that without a proper base to build on, no amount of foam will make a seat as comfortable as it should be. This “better by design” approach meant countless hours at the CAD terminals plotting the prototype baseplate. Then it was onto the padding.

Controlled density polyurethane foam gives Mustang seats their reputation for retaining their shape and providing support for years of use. The exact shape, angle and density had to be dialed in specifically for the demands of the serious ADV-type rider. It had to be soft enough for comfort, but resilient enough to stand up to high-mileage days.”

Finally the cover: Mustang’s covers are made of the highest quality expanded vinyl available. They have the appearance of high grade leather, but the durability and weather resistance that far exceeds cowhide and meets all OEM seat specs. Just like the GS itself, Mustang’s seats are over-engineered to handle whatever adventure you may encounter. All seams are double-stitched for extra strength and the bottom edge is then riveted hold the cover to the baseplate.

Vertically challenged riders will also appreciate the fact that the Mustang seat sits 1.5 inches lower than stock. It is also just 14 inches wide, facilitating most riders’ ability to plant their feet while in the saddle. Options include a 9 inch wide passenger backrest and a built-in backrest. Applications for 2004-12 BMW R1200GS models (oil-cooled).

Gelände or Straße, Mustang is boldly going where we have never gone before!