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16 Dec 2015

Mustang’s Seats For Scramblers Debut

MMP15_FB_ScramblerDucati has struck a chord with their Scrambler, so we thought we should ‘chime’ in with a seat designed specifically for this popular bike. We wanted to keep the retro look, but advance to 21st century riding comfort. While Ducati was making big news by unveiling their new 400cc version of their wildly popular Scrambler at the EICMA show in Italy, Mustang was busy taking the wraps off our seat for the Scrambler a little closer to home.

MMP15_Srambler_Floater_TnR_smActually our American dealers and Mustang insiders got the scoop on the new Scrambler seats just before our own Global Business Manager Marilyn Simmons flew to Italy for the world’s largest motorcycle trade show. In fact, Marilyn was on the show floor in Milan showing off the new seat to select European dealers and distributors at the same time as the wraps were coming off the Ducati Sixty2.

Mustang’s seat for the various versions of the 2015 Ducati Scrambler positions your body for the best riding posture. By changing your posture, it keeps you back from the tank and seated firmly ‘into’ the motorcycle, rather than feeling like you are perched on top of it. While Mustang wanted to improve the level of comfort and ultimately enhance the riding experience, we did not want to mess with the groovy ’70s vibe that Ducati has established for the Scrambler.

MMP15_Scrambler_LS_FullMission accomplished! The classic tuck-and-roll stitching and detailed seam lines accentuate the classic 1970’s look while Mustang’s baseplate design and proprietary foam provide modern levels of comfort. With an MSRP well under $350, the price is right, too!

See your authorized Ducati dealer or visit Mustang online for more information:

2 Responses to “GLOBAL LAUNCH”

  1. Norbert l thomey September 25, 2017 at 10:27 pm #

    I AM VERY UPSET ABOUT mustang return rules ,was told if you put it on your bike and sit on it you cannot return it , unless you put a towel on it. This is just a bunch of bull crap to me.will never buy another one

  2. admin September 26, 2017 at 2:43 pm #

    Hello Norbert,
    We’re sorry for any confusion, but that is not Mustang’s return policy. If you purchase a seat from your local dealer or through one of our online distributors, you must abide by the return policy of that particular retailer. Purchases made directly through Mustang follow the terms of our return policy, which can be found here: Again, we apologize for any confusion, and if you have any questions please contact us at 800-243-1392.

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