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Meet Mike Skoczylas, Foam Department Supervisor

3 Jul

Before coming to work at Mustang Seats over three years ago, Mike worked at a gas station and a recycling plant.  About the only thing he liked about his past jobs was having weekends off.  He applied to work at Mustang because it was a better opportunity for him and closer to home.

Mike and his two co-workers in the foam department make hundreds of foams each day.  He also enjoys cleaning the molds and making them nice and shiny.  Mike feels the best part of his job is seeing Mustang seats on the street and knowing that he made the foam for every one of those seats.

When Mike isn’t working at Mustang, he enjoys ice hockey, hiking, fishing and he also plays on a softball league.  He has also been a volunteer firefighter in Three Rivers, Massachusetts, for the past ten years.  Mike has received both First Aid and CPR certified training.  He has also been certified by the Fire Academy on Levels 1 and 2.  Mike likes helping people and says he never knows what he’s getting into when he responds to the fire alarm.  On a recent memorable rescue, Mike helped get a victim out of a car after an accident using the “Jaws of Life.”

Mike is in a committed relationship with Emily who works as a third grade teacher in Ware, MA.  They enjoy going to the nearby Yankee Candle outlet and driving to places they’ve never been before.  Given both of their busy schedules, they are really happy to just spend time together!

Report from Americade Rally in New York

11 Jun

Mustang’s Human Resource Manager, Cathy Twiss, spent a day at Americade in beautiful Lake George, NY.  Here is her view of the rally:

June 7 was a lovely sunny day as I drove through the Berkshires on my way to attend Americade, arguably New England’s biggest bike rally.   As I rode into lovely Lake George NY, there were thousands of bikers and the excitement was palpable.  Nobody was in a rush because everyone seemed to understand that it was the journey, not the destination, that was the source of joy at this particular event.   As I walked to the main gate at Tour Expo, Lake George beckoned with calm water and a pristine beach.   Tour Expo is located at “Million Dollar Beach” which is aptly named.

The first thing I noticed was the Mustang logo on the white pillar of the main gate.  Perfect.  I walked through rows of vendors selling everything from motorcycle sound systems to beef jerky.  Everyone was in a good mood and enjoying the weather.  I made my way to the Mustang booth where employees in red shirts were showing customers seats, saddlebags, tank bibs and a variety of other high quality wares.  Three customers were on three different bikes trying out their Mustang seats, wiggling and bouncing to get a better sense of how the seat molded to their body.  Many were smiling and exclaiming “soooo much better than the stock seat!”   Customers who purchase a Mustang seat may have it installed for free by the booth staff.  Customers are issued tickets which allow them to bring their bike into the show and then into the Mustang booth for the install.  The old seat is shipped home for the customer for their convenience.  Many people were availing themselves of this service.  Mustang staff moved quickly and efficiently and the day passed with uneaten lunches lying untouched.  One customer walked by the Mustang booth carrying Roxy, the best dressed dachshund of the day.  Roxy was wearing Harley Davidson gear which included a leather doggy vest, a tiny leather doggy hat and smokin’ doggy goggles.  This was one laid back lady.  Roxy lamented that Mustang does not make a seat quite small enough for her canine behind.

As I made my way back to the parking lot at the end of a long day, I thought about what I had witnessed.  I had seen and heard first hand the fellowship of strangers coming together, bound by a common interest and love of motorcycles and riding.  All other differences were set aside.  Everyone accorded one another a sort of automatic respect simply by virtue of being a fellow rider.  We all knew we had something in common and somehow it made life better.  I was proud that Mustang was at the heart of it all and proud to be associated with Mustang.  As humans, we have a need to belong and a need to be a part of something greater than ourselves.  For one day at least, for one glorious day at Americade, we all did belong.  I only hope this feeling of kinship lasts throughout the year.

Cathy Twiss

Bike Week 2012

7 Mar

Will you be among the thousands of people heading to sunny Daytona Beach to attend Bike Week?

If you are, then keep an eye out for us!


Mustang will be at three locations this year:

March 9-17th – Miller’s Custom Parts, 1863 S. Ridgewood Avenue in South Daytona

March 7-17th J&P Cycles, Destination Daytona in Ormond Beach
March 8-18th at the Daytona International Speedway, 1801 W International Speedway in Daytona Beach.

We hope to see you there!

Upcoming Trade Show in Cincinnati, OH

2 Feb

Mustang is off to Cincinnati to attend the 12th Annual V-Twin Expo by Easyriders being held February 4th through February 6th at the Duke Energy Convention Center. 

It’s a chance for us to introduce our new products and marketing promotions for 2012, along with the added bonus of seeing all the industry friends we have made over the years (32 years to be exact)!  Lots of old friends and many new, young faces.

If you stop by our booth (#315) you will see some seats that have never been introduced to the public before.

Although this is a trade event only (not open to the public) we will be updating everyone about events and new products on our Facebook page.

Hope to see you there, and don’t forget to check for updates!

Watch us Design and Build our Latest Seat

20 Jan

We just added a new line of seats and we’ve documented the design and creation on video.

No matter how you pronounce it, Mustang has the final word when it comes to comfort for the Kawasaki Vaquero.

The deeply pocketed driver seat on the one-piece Wide Touring style with Driver Backrest is a full 16.5” wide and sits you at the ideal cruising angle.  The 13” wide passenger seat utilizes Mustang’s unique internal steel support wings.  The optional driver backrest provides superb back support for those longer rides and is fully adjustable and easily removable.

The Vintage style seat is sold as a three-piece set including solo, removable driver backrest and passenger seat with a backrest receiver for $739; the optional passenger backrest (shown) is $200.  Also available with studs and conchos.

Mustang seats for Metric Cruisers and H-D® models are proudly handcrafted in the USA.  For more info, visit or call 800-243-1392.

Click to watch the how Mustang designed and built their new line of seats for Vaquero!

Founder of Mustang Donates a Mustang (a motorcycle, not a seat!)

10 Jan

It was a perfect New England fall day a couple months ago when a 1961 Mustang Pony was very carefully loaded into the Mustang truck. Confused? Well, over the last three decades, while Mustang was growing to become the world leader in replacement seats for Harley, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Victory, Mustang Seats’ founder, Al Simmons, was simultaneously working on another type of “stable” of Mustangs.

Tucked away in our Connecticut warehouse is Al’s collection of dozens of vintage Mustang motorcycles (those half scooters/half motorcycles built in Glendale, CA, after WWII). When Ted Doering, founder and owner of Tedd Cycle and V-Twin Manufacturing  opened the doors of his huge “Motorcyclepedia Museum” in Newburgh, NY, Al offered to donate a special Mustang—a single cylinder, 319 cc, 3-speed transmission Pony that could run over 60 mph!

Al and Ted had spent a lot of time together about 35 years ago in the late 1970’s and Al credits Ted for playing an important role in the start of Mustang. Despite taking separate paths, Al and Ted would see each other at the annual trade show in Cincinnati. With such a history and a shared love of motorcycles, Al says it was really nice to be able to spend some time together.

 Ted very kindly gave Al a personal guided tour of the incredible 85,000 square foot museum. Al was particularly fascinated to learn about the large displacement motorcycles that were used for bicycle pacer races throughout the early half of the 20th century—but that’s a subject for a later blog.

For now, Al is proud that his little Mustang Pony has found a suitable home in Motorcyclepedia among over 300 bikes that span the history of motorcycling.

Looking Back at 2011

31 Dec

Now that the wrapping paper is all picked up and the gifts are put away, we have time to take a breath and look back at 2011.  We have survived the holidays, seen ups and downs of the economy and experienced the wrath of Mother Nature.

The economy has been on a roller coaster ride, and we are happy to be still strapped in our seats at the end of the year.  We hope the 2012 brings much needed boosts to the economy for all concerned.

Mustang, for the first time in years, closed for a day due to weather related conditions.  Mother Nature decided to “trick us” with a surprise snow storm before that practically shut down Connecticut.  Once the snow was cleared and the power turned back on, we were up and running with business as usual.  We were one of the lucky ones that did not lose power for a long period of time.  It was quite the ordeal for many others, some being without power for 10 days or more.

Even though it is the end of the year when many businesses are quiet during the holidays, we are just beginning to hustle and bustle with things to do.  This is the time of the year that we begin planning our line of seats, creating new ones and continuing to produce the seats that everyone has come to know.  We are preparing our catalogs for printing and distributing, and planning our attendance at dealer and retail shows during 2012.  We always look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at these shows.  Our scheduled shows in 2012 are listed on our website, so if you are going to be attending one or more of them, please stop by and say hello.

We hope that 2012 brings good health and prosperity to all.  We also hope that Mother Nature will be kinder to everyone in the weather department.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  See you in 2012!