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11 Sep


Since when has getting the run around felt this good? Since Mustang Seats decided to roll out our new RunAround™ seat at DelMarVa Bike Week festivities. This is the lowest, leanest seat we make for Harley-Davidson® Dyna and FL models — perfect for styling and profiling. Instead of being a bad thing, this version of the the RunAround™ represents a bold look at motorcycle seating without sacrificing Mustang’s legendary reputation for quality.

Our old school New England craftsmanship combined with 21st century design means this seat looks as incredible as it feels. Proudly made in the USA, this seat takes everything we have learned about saddle design since 1980 and incorporates technological advancements in the materials and manufacturing process. In an interesting dichotomy, this seat started in our state-of-the-art CAD-CAM center as R&D plotted the RunAround™ from scratch, then transitioned to our expert team of sewers and seat makers to get that hands-on touch!

76866_app_hd-smAs with all our seats, everything starts with a well-designed baseplate. The narrow front width of just 9.5” for the Dyna (10.5” for FL applications) combined with the ultra low profile keeps the rider positioned properly while still sitting closer to terra firma than the stock seat allows for. However due to Mustang’s seat pan design and our proprietary foam, running around doesn’t have to be a pain in the posterior.

76869_hd-smMade in-house at our historic Three Rivers, MA facility, the controlled density polyurethane foam can be poured a little thinner without compromising the comfort, but making for a much thinner seat pad in the process. The exact angle and density of each seat foam panel is formulated and cast to be soft enough for comfort, but resilient enough to retain its shape and structural integrity for years.

After passing Mustang’s own exacting standards, the low-slung seat was rolled out for riders at DelMarVa Bike Week for the first time. This is the one time where Mustang has actually been happy to give our customers the RunAround™  — so far initial reports from Rallymeister John Glynn have been overwhelmingly positive!

For more specifics, check out the website: or stop by Mustang’s big rig during DelMarVa Bike Week: