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European Super Rally Report by Karl

19 Jun

Mustang became a “Premier Vendor” on this year.  Reading through the riders’ threads has been an interesting and entertaining experience.  In addition, we’re always happy when we can assist members by providing a link or answering a question about our products.  Recently we came across a posting that really caught our attention.  We contacted the author, Karl (an “Aussie lost in Switzerland”), who rides a 2010 FXDC Dyna Superglide Custom.  He told us that, during the 5 days to and from the rally, he spent close to 25 hours riding 2200 kilometers (1367 miles) total but not once was he uncomfortable on his Mustang seat.

Karl kindly gave us his permission to post excerpts of his story here; the complete, R-rated version can be found at

“Last weekend, one of Europe’s longest running and arguably biggest rally took place in the little town of Ballenstedt, Germany.  This year was the 30th event and the first time it was back in Germany after originally starting there 30 years ago (the Rally is in a different European country every year).

Myself and my buddy, Sheb, decided to make the round trip pilgrimage to go to the Rally.  We met up at 5.30pm Thursday afternoon, and decided to just haul ass up the Autobahn to Stuttgart then to Nuremburg (about halfway) and stay at a camp ground overnight and cruise the rest of the way Friday morning.  The trip to Nuremberg itself was uneventful, although Sheb took advantage of the speed unlimited autobahn to see what his 2004 stage 3 Heritage could really do.  He backed off the gas when he hit 115 mph as he was in danger of the wind blowing him off his bike. (115 mph with 16 inch apes has a crazy parachute effect, but his bike still had plenty to give.)

We arrived at the campground around 10.30 in the evening due to some scenic routes taken earlier to discover it had closed for the night despite the little sign on the office door saying it was open until 11pm.  Cest la vie I guess, so we decided to push on up the Autobahn for a little longer to see if we could find a hotel or Gasthause (B&B).  2 hours later we had no luck so we pulled over into a truck parking area on the side of the Autobahn, threw our sleeping bags on the ground and slept under a tree.  Clear sky, no chance of rain, so it was all good.

Next morning we were awoken by sunshine and a bird pecking at Sheb’s hair.  We rolled up our bags, saddled up and hit the Autobahn again. We had all day to cover 300ish kilometers, what could possible go wrong….

The route we rode took us through the German country side, all rolling hills with areas of flatlands, small towns and villages, through fields of wheat, sunflowers, and all manner of other farm lands.  We were enjoying the scenery and all that only riding a bike can provide so much that it took us about an hour to realize we had no idea where we were.  Time to consult the Oracle.  Turned out we where way off course, by about 150 kilometers. Oh well, we had all day, what could possibly go wrong…..

To make a long story short, we managed to turn what should have been a 200 km ride through the countryside into a 350 km scenic cruise.  It would be fair to say that we started out lost and just found our way eventually.  But the weather was glorious, the roads where excellent and…we finally arrived at the rally in the afternoon.  We picked a camp site, parked, got off the bikes and turned around to see a guy standing there offering a beer to each of us.  Legendary!

As it turned out we had picked a camp place next door to a Fryslan (Dutch) MC.  Those guys certainly knew how to party and made us part of their group for the weekend.  What a bunch of first class people they were too!

Some of our Dutch neighbors. Left to right: Manimal, Myself, Grizzly, the Dog Father.

After pitching our tents and relaxing with beers and our Dutch neighbors for a couple of hours we all decide to hit the festivities area, which was huge to say the least.

There were 2 enormous tents that would hold at least 3000 people, these had bands…and all manner of other stage entertainment.  The site was on a local airstrip, so the runway was being used for drag racing and stunt riding demo’s.  More beer tents than you could count, almost as many Jack Daniels stands, food stands with all manner of yummy stuff, and a retail/market area with about 100 different stalls.

After checking things out for a bit, we went into the main tent and spent the rest of the night drinking and watching the Deep Purple tribute show, and finally crawled back to our tents at around 3 in the morning, tired as all get out, but happily drunk and knowing tomorrow was going to be more good times.

I awoke the next morning and crawled out of my tent to be greeted by our Dutch neighbors who provided me with a breakfast beer and a coffee chaser…

Walking back to the main area we noticed a soccer field was being setup, we asked what was going on and were informed that a MotoFussball game was about to start.  Gotta see that!  Just enough time for the 4 second trip to the nearest beer tent for some spectating beverages.

MotoFussball was some dirt bikes with the front fender modified with a steel frame that came down to about 4 inches short of the ground.  These guys would trap an over-sized soccer ball between their foot and the frame and ride down the pitch flat out and try to kick the ball into the goal or pass to a teammate. There were 8 bikes on the field and chaos was the order of the game with bikes blasting around, crashing into each other and putting on a great show for us.

We then headed back to our campsite and were invited by our Dutch neighbors to join their BBQ for dinner.  Full bellies and many beers later we head back to the event area to see what’s going on.

We headed over to the big tent caught the Rolling Stones tribute show.  These guys where brilliant and we spent the rest of the night enjoying the music, chatting up the bar girls, and getting more horribly drunk.  Memory is a bit hazy as to what we did after the Stones show.  I recall falling off a stool I was standing on at one point.

I have no idea what time I went to sleep, dawn was just cracking when I got to my tent.

I awoke around 1pm Sunday afternoon with a hangover from hell.

Sunday morning Sunrise, just before going to bed….

We decided we’d head out on the haul home and just casually cruised down the Autobahn to Nuremburg where we found a cheap hotel for the night.

The next morning, we decided to head home a different way via Munich, then Austria then shoot west into Switzerland. We had all day, what could possibly go wrong….

At some point we took a wrong turn in Austria and ended up crossing into Switzerland way down south and on the road to Saint Moritz. I have to say that the route from Austria down into Switzerland to Saint Moritz is simply incredible.  Rolling through about 150 kms of forests and valleys of the Swiss and Austrian Alps and up over the Julien Pass on a road that had no straight sections to speak of was just amazing.  Highly recommend this route be put on any rider’s Bucket List.

We finally emerged from the alpine and forest roads and hightailed it home, arriving around 10 pm to be greeted by the cat yelling at me and the promise of a hot shower and my comfy bed.

At this time I absolutely must point out that my investment in my Mustang seat paid for itself a thousand times over.  I was sure my bruised ass (refer to R-rated edition of story) was going to make me pay for my stupidity on Saturday night, but the Mustang seat nursed my sorry ass all the way home, so a big THANK YOU to Mustang!

Next year’s Super Rally is in Poland.  Already planning for it but might buy a GPS this time since what was supposed to be a 1600 km round trip turned into a 2200 kilometer marathon, but we had some incredible riding, a wild weekend and I would do it all again in heartbeat.

Hope to see some of you at the Poland meet next year!”