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LowDown Launches For High Flying 35th Anniversary!

22 Apr

_MG_0365-1What better way for Mustang to celebrate its high-flying 35th Anniversary than coming up with a low down seat? Actually our 35th birthday present to touring bike riders is the LowDown seat. Touring riders have been asking for it.. and we have been listening.

79912_AppMustang’s newest Solo seat for touring bikes. The LowDown™ Solo was specifically engineered for 2009-2015 Harley-Davidson® FL Touring models to give riders a lower seat height without compromising on comfort. The LowDown’s 13″ wide bucket is shaped and angled for optimal touring posture on the go, but the real benefit is when you come to a stop. The LowDown™ really does drop the rider down closer to the ground and it is also cut narrow at the front so you can plant your feet firmly on the ground at a stop.

76082_hdAvailable with or without studs, riders can opt for chrome studs… or really bring on the birthday bling with black pearl-centered chrome studs! The LowDown™ seats also come with slotted mounting nuts and Mustang’s mini bib for a complete custom look. Pair it with a Mustang passenger seat if you want company, or run it solo to go it alone.

79912_1_hdFor even more long-distance comfort, add Mustang’s fully adjustable, easily removable driver backrest. Bottom line for the LowDown: it puts your butt closer to the ground, without being a pain in the posterior… or your wallet! For more specifics, check out the website:

In addition to seats for FL series touring bikes, Mustang has replacement seats for virtually all late model Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. How would you like a free seat for your bike or trike? Mustang’s customer GIVEAWAYS program kicked-off during Bike Week in Daytona and the next winner will be announced at the Laughlin River Run. See the website for details on how to win the Mustang seat of your choice here:


9 May

Designed By Dave Perewitz, Made By Mustang

PerewitzlogolargeWhat’s in a name? Plenty when that name is Dave Perewitz!  One of America’s premier painters and bike builders, Dave is a New England original — just like Mustang Seats. Mustang is honored to team up with this living legend to create the Perewitz Signature Seat Series. Combining his unique design style with Mustang’s unmatched comfort has resulted in five unmistakably cool new seats. A work in progress, we have been hinting at the Signature series for awhile, but had to wait until everything lived up to Dave’s exacting standards for artistry and Mustang’s requirements for superior fit and comfort… after all, these seats have both our names on them!

PerewitzSeat_topA bit more background behind the Perewitz name: Dave built his first bike back in 1973. Since then, his artistry and skills have earned the Perewitz name a global reputation in the custom bikes realm, particularly baggers (or “Baggas” as Dave says with his distinctive Massachusetts accent). Dave and the team at Mustang worked closely together to create the Signature Series, comprised of one solo seat and four new Fastback styles. In fact, we only managed to tease dealers with the Solo seat in our full line catalog (see pages 36-37), but now we have Perewitz Signature seats for most Harley-Davidson® FL models from 1997 and up as well as 2006-10 FXST models.

Perewitz_sideshotThe solo seat mentioned in the catalog fits the 2008-14 FL Touring line. Only 11” wide, it is narrower than any stock seat. It also features an innovative hidden installation system so there are no visible bolts or brackets. Matching fender bibs incorporate the diamond stitching with braided edge trim found in the seats. These bibs are felt-backed to protect paint and contoured to fit the fender with no gaps around the edges… and better yet, they cost less than $50.

The four Perewitz Fastbacks are a full 12-inches wide up front, tapering to a sleek 7-inches at the back. Like all Mustang Tripper style seats, the Perewitz Signature Series Seats are cut low to the ground, yet retain enough molded foam to be comfortable. That svelte rear section flows smoothly to the fender, yet has adequate padding for use as a passenger seat in a pinch. All 2008-14 FLs are covered by a single part number (#76981). So are 1997-07 Road Kings, 1997-05 Screamin’ Eagle editions and 2006-07 FLHX Street Glides (part #76980). Ditto for the 1997-2007 FLHT and FLTR (#76983), as well as a seat specifically for the 2006-14 Softail 200mm Wide Tire, 2006-10 FXST, 2007-14 FLSTF Fat Boy and 2008-11 FLSTSB Cross Bones (#76982).

perewitz-bikeEverything had to be exactly right before we announced these seats because we believe so strongly in the New England ideal of Yankee Craftsmanship… and the importance of the Perewitz touch. Designed by Dave, made by Mustang really does mean something: Everything we know about making a superior seat went into this line before we were willing to put our name on it! Check it out at:


1 May

Our Super Touring Seat Is Now Available For Most Early FL Models

76971_app2_hd-smTime for a quick history lesson! Since 1941, Harley-Davidson® has used the “FL” designation for its large displacement touring bikes. It is tough to argue with nearly 75 years of success, but we do believe there was one area that needed an update: the seat. Sure we are biased, but taller riders were feeling a bit cramped in the stock riding position which is why one of Mustang’s most popular seats has been our “Super Touring” model for later FLs, which sits the rider back further than stock.

Answering the many requests from ‘big or tall’ riders, we are proud to introduce the new Super Touring Seat for early model FLs that provides an extra inch for more comfortable riding and better control of the bike. Mustang’s new Super Touring seats are now available for 1997-2007 Road Kings, 1997-’05 Screamin’ Eagle editions and 2006-’07 FLHX Street Glides plus 1997-07 FLHT/FLTR models. Big and tall riders now have access to increased safety and all-day riding comfort.

Although The Motor Company has a well-established reputation for producing one of the most respected touring machines on earth, we have a pretty respectable track record of our own! Since 1980, we have been handcrafting the world’s most comfortable seats in our Three Rivers, MA factory. Historically speaking, Harley has set the bar pretty high, but our Super Touring seat lives up to its name… and The Motor Company’s reputation.

That extra inch of set back offered by Mustang’s one-piece Super Touring seats is a real game changer. The 19” wide driver seat offers maximum comfort and support. Since it is more fun to tour with a friend, the passenger portion of the Super Touring seat also benefited from Mustang’s exacting design process. The passenger seat is 14” wide to ensure that both riders enjoy maximum comfort. The Super Touring seat is also split to accept the stock or Mustang driver backrest kit. Since form follows function, the Super Touring seat is contoured in order to better clear the saddlebag lids.

76972_hd-smMustang hasn’t overlooked the importance of looks, either. Chrome or subtle black pearl-centered studs give this new seat a touch of elegance. Of course any sort of stud is perceived as too ostentatious by many minimalists, so Mustang also offers a plain Vintage version of the Super Touring seat. Big or tall, studs or plain, Mustang has a super seat option for any Harley FL rider going back to the 1997 models. A historical legacy we are pretty proud of!

For 1997-07 Road Kings,1997-05 Screamin’ Eagle & 2006-07 FLHX Street Glides

Part #76972  One-Piece Super Touring Seat with Chrome Studs: $509

Part #76973  One-Piece Vintage Super Touring Seat (No Studs): $489

For 1997-07 FLHT/FLTR models

Part #76970  One-Piece Super Touring Seat with Black, Pearl-Centered Studs: $509

Part #76971  One-Piece Vintage Super Touring Seat (No Studs): $489

The New Color of Comfort

18 May

How could Mustang improve on their growing line of low, lean but still comfortable Wide TripperTM seat styles?  By introducing them in Mustang’s new distressed brown, ultra premium vinyl for a distinctively cool, worn-leather look!

The fully adjustable driver backrest removes easily without tools and folds flat so you can still comfortably swing your leg over to mount your bike.  The 14” wide solo fits 2008-up FL models and is shipped complete with a matching mini bib plus chrome mounting hardware to give it a finished look for one-up riding.  The matching passenger seat is 11.5” wide.

 Mustang’s Wide Tripper Distressed Brown Solo with Driver Backrest is $489; the matching rear seat is $169.  Solos are also available in black, with or without a unique diamond stitched pattern.


Mustang seats for Metric Cruisers and H-D® models are all proudly handcrafted in the USA.  For more info call 800-243-1392.

Karma Komfort

5 Apr

If you’re going to give yourself a Christmas gift, a brand new 2012 HD Street Glide is the way to go!

Although this was the first Harley for Mustang’s new friend Glen, he was no stranger to motorcycles, having ridden (mostly off-road) in his earlier years. As he now ventured into a new period in his life, Glen decided it was time again for the pure enjoyment of riding and the camaraderie of his riding friends.

Glen had originally looked at V-Rods but, after salespersons in two different dealerships told him he was definitely a “Street Glide Man”, the decision was made. He didn’t get his new baby in time for Christmas because the dealership had to uncrate and assemble it first. So, just in time to watch the ball drop in Times Square, Glen’s gift with its shiny “Big Blue Pearl” paint was delivered to his house on New Year’s Eve. (Smart move, Glen, since you wouldn’t want your first ride to spin out of control with New England’s winter weather!)

Good news/bad news/good news: thanks to Mother Nature giving us a mild winter, Glen has put 800 miles on his bike since January…the bad news is that Glen is in the heating oil business….but the slow business “climate” has afforded him some extra time to ride!

On a recent long ride, Glen noticed the lack of “comfort” of his stock seat. After talking to friends, he decided to research seats that would make his ride more enjoyable. Glen figured “Why invest money in a beautiful, new bike but be uncomfortable riding? May as well spend a few more dollars for a seat that will make you enjoy every mile.”

Karma? Well, a couple days later, Glen got a call from a friend saying that Mustang was looking for a “model” for a photo shoot with their new Wide Tripper solos and pads. Perfect timing at the least.

This morning, Glen pulled his Street Glide into our photo room at Mustang. Our Graphics Director Julie shot Glen’s baby with his stock seat (the “before” pic) and then we watched his eyes light up as we tried on several of our new Wide Tripper seats. He was amazed at how different the seats made his bike look and how different the seats felt on his butt. A win-win situation for all of us.

We want to thank Glen for kindly lending Mustang his sharp new Street Glide. We’ll keep you posted as to which Mustang seat he finally decides to get. Of course, we did point out that he might want a couple totally different seats for different types of rides: low and sleek for rides with his buddies versus plush comfort for touring! Uh oh…more decisions for Glen…..

UPDATE:  It’s official – Glen has made his choice!  He decided on a two-piece seat with driver backrest, giving him the versatility of riding solo or 2-up, and with or without a driver backrest.  If you like the look and want one for your bike, the part numbers are:  79448 Solo and 79112 Passenger Seat.  Thanks, Glen!

Passenger Comfort AND Clean Lines

30 Nov

Back support is not just for the driver anymore!  Passengers can have the comfort they deserve with Mustang’s new fully adjustable backrest!   The built-in, removable passenger backrest offers all the features of the popular driver backrest for FL Touring models 1997-2012.

The 13.5” wide passenger seat with built-in backrest is available with plain, chrome studs or black pearl-centered studs, with prices starting at $449.  The front of the passenger seat is recessed to allow clearance when installed behind a solo with a built-in driver backrest.  For passengers who prefer more room or want to lean farther back, Mustang offers an optional offset backrest post for only $25.

Riders who have a Mustang solo with a driver backrest and want interchangeable comfort can purchase the passenger seat with a receiver only (without backrest) priced from $249; this passenger seat accepts the driver backrest from the solo for dual versatility.

Mustang can also accommodate riders that have our solo seats without driver backrests, but would like to have a backrest for their passengers.  These passenger seats are not recessed; instead they You Tube Video QR Codeextend forward over the driver’s solo to give additional back support.

Watch a short demonstration of the full versatility of the passenger backrest.


Visit  to view our full line of seats for Harley-Davidson® and Metric Cruisers, all handcrafted in the USA, or call (800) 243-1392 for more information.


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