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9 Feb

Can-Am Spyder F3 Meets Legendary Comfort

2016-Can-Am-Spyder-F3-Limited-action-10-590x393Remember the old “if you have to ask, you probably wouldn’t understand,” commentary? Real riders get it… non-riders, not so much. Some people still haven’t experienced the appeal of Can-Am’s three-wheeled Spyder. But more than 100,000 Spyder owners understand the appeal of this unique machine and have been racking up the miles on them for the past seven years.

Can-Am notes that touring is the top priority for more than 2/3s of Spyder riders and designed storage and sound systems accordingly for the new F3.  When these riders really go the distance, they don’t want to be limited by a lack of comfort. Spyder F3 meets Mustang’s legendary reputation for comfort.

76227_webMustang now has replacement seats for both the RT and F3 Spyders. Mustang’s newest addition to its impressive range of seats is the one-piece touring seat for the F3. “Our seats for the Spyder RT have proven popular with riders, so the F3 was the next logical step,” says Mustang Seats Sales Manager Jesse Sargent. “Can-Am calls the F3 the ‘next era’ of Spyders and we’ve developed this seat with the same thinking.”

Every angle, contour and radius of the seat has been fine-tuned for maximum comfort. “Mustang’s F3 seat is optimized for riders and passengers who enjoy riding all day,” he adds. “It positions your body for the best riding posture and supports you for the long haul. Today’s riders don’t want to compromise either comfort or style — this seat has both aspects covered.” CYA = Cover Your Aspects?

76227_app_webSeriously though, the cover’s detailed double-stitching boldly enhances the Spyder F3’s striking design, while Mustang’s marine-grade fiberglass baseplate and proprietary foam are carefully contoured to support both rider and passenger. The optional backrest is fully adjustable, easily removable and perfectly matches the look of the seat. “This new Mustang seat for the F3 makes an already great machine even better!” concludes Jesse.

Get Mustang comfort on a Spyder F3 when you are ready to go the distance! Click HERE to see the new seats for Can-Am Spyder F3:


Who Knew?

30 Oct

Getting Caught In The Spyder’s Web

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 3.43.22 PMDid you know that more than 100,000 Can-Am Spyders have hit the highways and byways of North America in the past seven years? If you didn’t realize there were that many Spyders out there, you probably didn’t catch the fact that Mustang now has replacement seats for the interesting three-wheeled machines either. However if you are one of the growing legion of fans who have been caught in the Spyder’s web, we invite you to discover the Mustang difference!

Can-Am-Spyder-F3-S-Sturgis-Looking like a cross between a snow machine and a touring bike, the Spyder is creating a new niche for itself. According to our friends at BRP/Can-Am, the majority of the Spyders out there are being used for long-distance rides and touring. We saw plenty of them headed to Sturgis this year and Can-Am even had the “Spyder Experience” area downtown just off Lazelle Street so folks who were at the Black Hills classic could see what they have been missing.

Can-Am says that when you ride a Spyder “the destination becomes the ride itself; a one-of-kind experience in open-air riding.” We like the way they think! In fact, we would like to further enhance this unique riding experience with a new seat made specifically for the Spyder RT touring model.

MMP15_PR-Spyder-FloaterAdd to your Spyder’s comfort and character with Mustang’s touring seat designed specifically for the RT model. The new seat’s detailed gun metal stitching and carbon fiber vinyl accents enhance the Spyder’s striking design, while retaining all the positive features of the stock seat. Looking good is only part of the overall experience, though. Since form follows function, it is what is inside the striking seat cover that counts.

76196_72Mustang’s marine-grade baseplate and proprietary foam are carefully contoured to support both rider and passenger in the optimal cruising angle for all-day riding. The 16.5″ seat width (passenger width: 17.5″) is based on Mustang’s 35-years of expertise in designing touring saddles.

Spyder BackrestComplete the custom look and enhance comfort with matching backrests. The fully-adjustable driver backrest features an 11″ wide pad that tapers to 7″ at the base. This provides solid back support for the longest rides. Since touring is more fun two-up, make sure to get Mustang’s trunk-mounted passenger backrest for the Spyder RT.

The destination may be the ride, but the overall experience is even better when the pilot and the passenger are comfortable! Discover the Mustang difference and enhance your riding comfort! Get more details at the Mustang Seats website: