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3 Oct

Mustang Brings Back Breast Cancer Awareness Program

MMP14_FB Bikefest

Once again Mustang is been proud to participate in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our new “Fight Like A Girl” custom seat program and the ability to donate a portion of the proceeds of every pink seat or pink ribbon to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is close to our hearts, literally and figuratively.  We continue to honor the determination and compassion of those fighting breast cancer.

MarjThere is more to this story than just a publicity stunt… much more. This cause directly impacts several members of the Mustang family. Long-time Mustang rep Pat Pierantozzi is a breast cancer survivor of 35 years and this October marks one year cancer-free for Rallymeister John Glynn’s niece. John’s lovely wife Marjorie, who many of you have met at the Mustang big rig at the rallies has been an advocate of Breast Cancer Awareness for years and it was her pink flamed Softail Deluxe that inspired Mustang’s original “Think Pink” seat campaign. We ask Marj for an update on her niece’s battle:

“It has been a year since our last Breast Cancer Seat came out,” says Marj. “As you know, Mustang did this for me in honor of my niece Robin and what she had been through all year. I am so happy to say my niece has been cancer-free for a year now and doing well.  Here are a few pictures, that tell the tale!”

RobinBradley“The picture with Robin Bradley (my niece) on the porch was leaving for her last chemo, the neighbors and town friends put them there to show their support in July 2013,” she explains. The townspeople lined the streets of the path that she would be taking to her last treatment with signs and shouting their support. The last group just outside of town was her three sons. “It was so touching to see the entire community come out in support.”

“My niece is often asked “what can I do to help, do you prefer one charity over another?” She always replies: “if you want to and are able, donate to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Research Center in Boston.”

RobinBradley3 celebratingThe wine glasses are the celebration: chemo was over and the diagnosis was cancer-free (August 2013). Both pictures were taken in  Skeneatles, NY where Robin lives with her husband John and three wonderful boys, Cader, Graham and Nolan.

“The motorcycle with the breast cancer awareness seat is one of the customers that came in to thank me in Daytona 2014. She and her husband personally thanked me for helping to start this “movement” of awareness with something as big as a motorcycle. They were thankful that Mustang would make the custom seats and contribute to a Breast Cancer Awareness charity.”

It was a very difficult year for her, family and friends, but she is now a survivor! I thank God every day. (posted with permission)

Pink Seat3Marj’s message has hit home. In fact a customer came to the Mustang truck at Daytona Bike Week to show off her “Think Pink” seat this year, and dozens of others have done the same since.

I am thankful to Mustang for allowing me to be a part of the new “Fight Like A Girl” program (Marj received the very first seat of the new series with the custom embroidered message). I am excited about my new seat and what it represents to me… and all for a great cause, too. Thank you so very much Mustang!”

Marjorie Glynn


17 Dec

Model A, Model T What’s The Difference?

We recently sent out a press release announcing our new custom seat program… and were promptly called out for a flagrant mistake. Seems we made reference to the fact that Mustang has historically followed Henry Ford’s mantra of making seats in any color the customer wants, so long as it is black. We did stretch a little by adding the option of distressed brown for some seat styles last year, but most people don’t really consider that a color. We then added a choice of diamond stitching and tuck and roll… but I digress.


Model A Circa 1904

This press release said, and I quote: “Function dictated design. Like Henry Ford and the original Model A, you could have your Mustang seat in any color wanted, so long as it was black…” WRONG!!!! It seems that the original Ford Model A, the first car mass-produced by the Ford Motor Company came in red only, not black. Production began in 1903 (Ernst Pfennig, a dentist from Chicago bought the first Model A on July 23, 1903). According to Wikipedia, 1,750 Model As were made from 1903 through 1904. The Model A was replaced by the Model C in 1904 with some sales overlap.” So we were wrong on both counts about the color and the model of the Ford we used as a point of reference!


Model T 1908-1913

It wasn’t until 1908 that production of the Model T began and perversely it was not even available in black until 1914. From 1908 to 1913, the Model T was available only in gray, green, blue and red. Green was available for the touring cars, town cars, coupes and Landaulets. Gray was only available for the town cars and red only for the touring cars. By 1912, all cars were being painted midnight blue with black fenders. It was only in 1914 that the “any color so long as it is black” policy was finally implemented.

Ford suggested the use of black from 1914 to 1926 due to the cheap cost and durability of black paint. By 1918, half of all the cars on the road in the U.S. were black Model Ts. Ford wrote in his autobiography that in 1909 he told his management team that in the future “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.”

1911-ford-model-t-line-up-ad-lgNot to be confused with the 50 Shades Of Grey book, there were variations on the black color scheme. In fact, during the lifetime production of the Model T, more than 30 different types of black paint were used on various parts of the car. These were formulated to satisfy the different means of applying the paint to the various parts, all of which had distinct drying times, depending on the part, paint and method of drying. (Thank you Wikipedia).

MMP_Custom-laptopSo mea culpa, we should have said “Model T” rather than “Model A” in the press release. To set the record straight, Mustang does offer a choice of 12 colors for our custom seat program (yes, including black). We also have 12 different thread colors to pick your stitching from. Don’t let us color your opinion too much, but we stopped counting the possible permutations of seat styles, colors, stitch patterns, etc. after 17,000. Go to to create your own seat.

P.S. We still offer all styles of our seats in basic black!

Think Pink Custom Seats Kick Off Our “Comfort For A Cause” Campaign

4 Oct

PinkSeat_ad_300x250Since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month we wanted to do our part. Despite the SNAFU of the move and our phone lines being down for nearly two weeks, we managed to kick off the “Comfort For A Cause” campaign in support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s efforts to find a cure. By helping people to “think pink” we can do our part to help BCRF drive awareness, however we wanted to do more.

How better to help than a little cold hard cash? Mustang is donating $10 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for each limited edition seat sold during the month of October as a way to honor the survival, determination and compassion of those fighting breast cancer. Of course the pink seats make this program uniquely Mustang, so Comfort For A Cause is a perfect way for us to do our part!

BCRF was selected as the charity to work with because 91% of the funds raised go directly to breast cancer research and awareness programs. It is comforting to know that 88% of the money raised by our “Comfort For A Cause” campaign goes directly to research. The remaining 3% goes to the BCRF awareness campaign… which is where our pink seats can help call even more attention to this worthy cause!

Of course not everyone will be into apink ribbon seat_6totally pink seat. We are offering a choice of pink ribbons, contrasting pink stitching or even entire inlays for those who embrace the “Think Pink” concept. Please note that the location of the ribbons may vary depending on the type of seat and not all seats can be customized. For more details or to order, please contact the Mustang customer service hotline at (800) 243-1392, or click on

If you would like to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, but don’t want to sport a pink saddle, link to them directly at

Clean, Class, Comfort… And Now Custom!

12 Sep

AIMB adIn a radical departure from long-standing Mustang tradition, we are now offering custom seats with a selection of different stitch patterns, inlay panels and thread colors to choose from. This gives you the opportunity to make your seat as unique as your ride. For those of you saying “finally” just know that we would not release anything that did not meet our strict quality control standards.

The first step in the automated online seat design process is to pick a stitch pattern. Plain, Tuck And Roll and Diamond Stitch options are all available. Then comes time to pick a color… don’t worry, as you go through each step, you can see exactly how it will look. There is even a magnifying glass tool that enables you to take a close up look at the contrasting stitching colors.

Like Henry Ford with the Model A, you could have your Mustang seat in any color you like so long as it was black. We did add distressed brown to the mix last year, but now we have a full spectrum of colors to choose from, including everything from Sky Blue and Burgundy to Goldenrod and Gun Metal. For you traditionalists, don’t worry, we still offer basic black. However we know that not everyone’s computer monitor is properly color calibrated, so we will be happy to send you a color swatch to confirm it is exactly the shade you want before handcrafting your custom seat.

With all the endless permutations of stitching options, vinyl insert colors and 15 contrasting thread colors, we are introducing the custom seat option on three of our most popular models for starters. Tripper™ Solo, Tripper Fastback™ and DayTripper™ are the three seat styles currently available to design your own seat from.

As if the ability to custom tailor your Motorcycle Bagger Oct 2013very own Mustang seat wasn’t compelling enough, how about getting your bike featured in one of your favorite magazines?  That’s right, in order to kick off our brand new Custom Program, anyone ordering a seat from Mustang will get a 1 year subscription to their choice of American Iron, RoadBike or Motorcycle Bagger magazine… on us! That’s right, all custom seats come with a free sub, courtesy of our friends at TAM Communications Inc.

TAM Starburst Sub Promo Q4 2013Even better, one lucky winner will also have their bike (with its new Mustang seat, of course) featured in their favorite magazine. We will also be posting a custom seat gallery that can serve as inspiration for your own design ideas.

See it all at