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Upcoming Trade Show in Cincinnati, OH

2 Feb

Mustang is off to Cincinnati to attend the 12th Annual V-Twin Expo by Easyriders being held February 4th through February 6th at the Duke Energy Convention Center. 

It’s a chance for us to introduce our new products and marketing promotions for 2012, along with the added bonus of seeing all the industry friends we have made over the years (32 years to be exact)!  Lots of old friends and many new, young faces.

If you stop by our booth (#315) you will see some seats that have never been introduced to the public before.

Although this is a trade event only (not open to the public) we will be updating everyone about events and new products on our Facebook page.

Hope to see you there, and don’t forget to check for updates!

We Have a New Image Library Tool for Mustang Dealers

4 Oct

Mustang dealers have been asking for this, so we created a new Images and Data tool specifically with dealers in mind. The days of scrambling around for up-to-date Mustang seat and merchandize photo images for dealer web sites and publications is over. No longer is it a time-consuming and labor-intensive process to obtain our seat and Bike Essentials motorcycle lifestyle merchandise images.

It used to be that our graphics and IT departments worked together to manually compile images into a library of DVDs to be distributed to our dealers. But because new images are always being added to our product lines, the DVDs we produced were quickly out-of-date. To handle the number of dealer requests for images, we had to find an efficient way of delivering images into the hands of our dealers.

Our new dealer website provides the answer — digital delivery that’s available any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our extraordinary team of Web developers, programmers and engineers developed a simple, yet elegant tool to provide dealers not only with the images they need, but a data file containing retail pricing, product descriptions and part numbers to coincide with the requested images. Now dealers can download images at their convenience and have a corresponding .csv file with all the data they need to import into their own website or publication.

To access these images, all a dealer has to do is (more…)

Mustang ‘Spreads Comfort’ at a Pair of Distributor Shows

30 Aug

Marilyn Simmons, our marketing director, made the rounds of motorcycle industry distributor shows in recent weeks in order to make sure Mustangs seats are available everywhere in the marketplace for you — the Mustang Motorcycle Seat customer.

Mustang attends these shows for two reasons, Simmons said. “We want to teach sales reps about our seats and show these reps how they can assist their dealers with sales and marketing. Our purpose is to educate sales reps and motorcycle parts and accessories dealers so they, in turn, can better inform the riding public.

“A knowledgeable consumer is our best customer,” Simmons said, adding with a smile that her purpose in attending these sessions is “to teach and spread comfort.”

Simmons said she attended the LeMans’ National Vendor Presentation in Madison, Wis., as well as the Biker’s Choice/Tucker Rocky’s sales meeting for vendors and dealers. Based in Janesville, Wis., LeMans Corp. owns Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties. Biker’s Choice and Tucker Rocky Distributing are headquartered in Fort Worth, Tex.

“For both shows, Saturday was devoted to teaching reps about Mustang seats and how they can assist their dealers with sales and marketing of our seats,” she said. “Sunday is always a flurry of activity since the most active authorized dealers from across the country attend the show. Each rep introduced personnel from their top dealerships to all the vendors so that we can offer hands-on training directly to these dealers.”

She said the shows brought together a total of nearly 500 highly trained representatives as well as hundreds of aftermarket vendors who displayed their products, programs and new items for next year. Both of the host distributors maintain numerous warehouses around the country to provide lightning-fast delivery throughout the world.

“The advantage for Mustang,” Simmons said, “is to present a forum to ensure our products are available everywhere in the market. And these shows also give our staff the chance to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones.”

Announcing Online Ordering for Mustang Dealers

21 May

Thanks to the efforts of a highly skilled team of designers, engineers, consultants and testers, we are pleased to announce the new Mustang Dealer website. More than a year in planning and development, the new dealer website brings features and capabilities with one goal in mind: making sure Mustang dealers get what they need with a minimum of hassle.

Mustang Motorcycle Seats - Dealer Website

Let’s take a tour!

If you’re a dealer and you go to or click on the Dealer Login link at the top of, you’ll be taken to the Dealer Login page. In the past, dealers had to use a number and a zip code to access the old dealer web site. That’s changed and now dealers can use the e-mail address that has been set up with their account. The new site is integrated with our in-house customer management and ordering software, and all the primary e-mail addresses have been set up as logins to the site. No password? No problem! Simply click on the “Lost or need password” link to create a unique password specific to the dealer account. Submit the e-mail address and a return message will contain a link to a secure page to order for you to create a new password.

Order Pad

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll land on the Order Pad page. This unique feature allows for rapid entry of products by part number directly into your shopping cart. Dealers who know what they want can quickly add and order without having to navigate the more traditional online store.

Order by Bike

Driven by a database that’s integrated with our in-house CRM/Ordering software, we incorporated a search tool that allows you to find all the seats and seat accessories for a specific make, model and year of bike. This tool not only guides dealers to the right product for each customer’s bike, but it (more…)