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“Two Wheel Thunder” featuring Mustang Seats, Rolls onto Discovery HD TV

14 May

The crew at Mustang Seats takes a co-starring role in “Two Wheel Thunder” next month on Discovery’s HD Theater, hosted by Jay Barbieri and Michele Smith. This brand new motorcycle “magazine” series airs on Monday nights starting June 7, featuring these two motorcycle icons who hosted “American Thunder” on the Speed Channel for years.

A couple of months back, Barbieri and his crew spent an entire day at the Mustang factory in Massachusetts, filming the host and our crew making seats. It was pretty exciting for us to watch the entire production — it really was “lights, camera, action!” With a little assistance from our staff, Barbieri actually learned how to hand-build a Mustang Motorcycle seat from the baseplate to the foam to the cover. In fact, you’ll be able to witness Barbieri trim the foam, stitch the seams on a sewing machine and rivet the cover onto the baseplate.

The Mustang segment airs Monday, June 14, which gives you plenty of time to set your DVR to “Two Wheel Thunder” on Discovery HD and see exactly how a Mustang seat is made!