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Introducing Mustang Nostalgic Luggage

2 Jun

New for 2010 - Nostalgic Luggage from Mustang

As you probably know, we’ve been making motorcycle seats ever since 1980, and you wouldn’t believe how many times people have asked us why we don’t sell luggage to match our motorcycle seats. Well, after three decades, we’ve introduced a line of luggage. Mustang Nostalgic Luggage is durably constructed and completely covered in a high quality, expanded black vinyl to perfectly complement our own Mustang seats or stock seats.

Our new Journey Bag offers a classic look with surprising capacity, capable of handling all your gear on extended trips with ease. Measuring 18 inches tall by 14 inches deep and 20 inches wide, the total storage capacity — including the three side compartments — is an impressive 3,744 cubic inches.  Retail price is $199 studded or $189 plain.

The new Jaunt Bag combines form and function in a very versatile bag. The center compartment expands to hold a full-face helmet. And a discreetly hidden shoulder strap allows the bag to be worn as a backpack. The Mustang Jaunt Bag sells for $169 studded, $159 without studs.

Our Sunsetter Bag is ideal for daylong trips but with a storage capacity of 1,800 cubic inches it can easily accommodate an overnighter.  Mounting options include (more…)

Riding Tall in the Saddle? Check Out the Super Solo Motorcycle Seat

18 May

In one of this month’s earlier  blog posts, we introduced you to our new one-piece Super Touring seat for riders who tower around 5-foot, 11-inches or more. Also new this season is our Super Solo, which offers an even sleeker appearance and more flexibility for 2008 to 2010 Harley-Davidson FL models.

The new Mustang Super Solo sets you back just far enough for added comfort, plus it allows you to ride totally solo (with or without a driver backrest ) or with your favorite passenger for an all-day comfy two-up ride. 

The Super Solo provides the driver with a deeply pocketed, 17–inch-wide front bucket that moves the driver 1.25-inches farther back than the stock seat. Another benefit: The Super Touring seat is lower than stock, which allows you to plant your feet firmly on the ground – good news no matter how tall you are!

Mustang’s Super Solo features an optional, fully adjustable (more…)

A Motorcycle Seat for Tall Riders: Mustang Super Touring Comfort for FL

5 May

Motorcycle riders come in all shapes and sizes, including tall. If you stand 5’ 11” or above and want to sit a little farther back when cruising, check out our new one-piece Super Touring seat. Not only does the driver have a deeply pocketed, 19–inch-wide front bucket, but the Super Touring seat moves the driver 1.75-inches farther back than the stock seat on 2008 to 2010 Harley-Davidson FL model bikes. Another added benefit for taller riders: The Super Touring seat is lower than stock, which allows you to firmly plant your feet firmly on the ground!

Never forgetting your passenger, we made sure the Super Touring seat is 14–inches wide and fully supported by our unique internal support wings that eliminate sagging at the edges. A matching wrap-around passenger backrest with thicker, extended arms for only $279 ensures all-day comfort for your passenger. The backrest translates into fewer passenger complaints — and let’s face it… that makes everyone happy.

Our one-piece Super Touring seat features an optional, fully adjustable driver backrest that folds flat for ease in getting on and off the motorcycle. It can be removed easily without tools, and lists for only $719 retail with chrome studs. Or the seat can be purchased with black, pearl-centered studs or without studs.

New for Tuesday: Wide Tripper with Driver Backrest

27 Apr

With our new Wide Tripper seat, the name pretty much says it all — it’s a substantially wider seat that provides comfort for you — the driver — as well as your passenger.  And that improvement doesn’t come at the expense of style and sleekness, because this seat is one great-looking piece of motorcycle furniture.

The new Mustang Wide Tripper style offers a surprising full 14-inch width for the driver and an 11-inch width for the passenger. That adds up to a new level of comfort and support for both riders, whether you’re heading across town or on a long run. Just by adding two inches, the ride becomes ridiculously comfortable, and when you install the fully adjustable backrest, you remove the strain from long rides.

The backrest, which is optional, offers several height adjustments and can pivot to your back angle to create a custom feel. When you’re just cruising around town, you can simply lift out the driver backrest — no tools required — and the seat is transformed into a classic, low profile style. The wider base provides additional support to the back, which means your entire body benefits from the genius of this moth-old design.

The Wide Tripper with the driver backrest fits the 1997 through 2010 Harley-Davidson FL Touring family of bikes, and sells for only $579 retail. Made right here in the USA and first introduced during the Daytona Bike Week last month, the Wide Tripper with Driver Backrest truly combines comfort for your back and sleek styling.

New for Tuesday: Tripper Fastback

6 Apr

As you may have read last Friday (New Mustang Motorcycle Seat Products for 2010), we’re jazzed about all the new products Mustang be unveiling this year. With so many unique offerings, we’ll be posting one new blog entry per week showcasing one particular item that’s new for 2010. Aptly titled “New for Tuesday,” you can count on these particular blog posts to focus more on features and benefits of these new products than the Buy This Item Now side of the equation.

Mustang Tripper Fastback Motorcycle SeatFirst up is our sleek new version of the popular Tripper line of seats — the Tripper Fastback. Designed to enhance the look of your Bagger, the new Tripper Fastback offers a super clean look and custom styling. Although it’s noticeably cut low, the driver sits comfortably on an 11.5” wide seat with excellent back support. The seat itself is tapered in back but still offers your passenger reasonable comfort with a 7” width.

The Tripper Fastback fits the 1997 through 2010 Harley-Davidson FL Touring family of bikes, and sells for only $339 retail. Made right here in the USA and first introduced to the buying public a few weeks ago during Daytona Bike Week, the Tripper Fastback already looks to be one of our most popular items for 2010!

New Mustang Motorcycle Seat Products for 2010

2 Apr

Spring has officially sprung and it’s time to ride! We’ve worked hard all through the cold New England winter so you can have a great variety of new products ready to choose from for the 2010-riding season. We thought we’d give you a quick peek today of what’s on tap for the spring, and then provide more details on each item over the coming weeks.

For Vulcan 1700 riders, we have introduced a full line of seats for the Nomad and Voyager models as well as for the Classic.

Answering the call from many riders who contacted us asking to have more room to “just sit back and ride,” we’ve designed new Super Touring seats for the 2008-10 FL models that will set the driver back 1.75” while providing a full 19” wide front bucket!

In the coming weeks, we will also introduce you to Mustang’s new Tripper™ Fastback and Wide Tripper™ with Driver Backrest seats.

Finally, we are proud to introduce our new line of Nostalgic Luggage. Durably constructed and completely covered in a high quality, black vinyl, we offer several styles of soft luggage and saddlebags with or without chrome studs.  Shown here is the already popular Journey Bag — a classic look with surprising capacity, handling extended trips with ease (it measures 18 x 14 x 20).

Here’s to hoping you have a chance to go for a ride this holiday weekend.  Enjoy!