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Installing A Mustang Seat — Our IT Guy Says “IT” Is Easy!

8 Jan

Back in October I had an opportunity to step out of my normal role of managing  Mustang’s IT infrastructure. Instead of bytes and cyberspace, I had a real world opportunity to help out our art director Julie with a photo shoot. I was a little worried that I might be biting off a little more than I could chew since it has been 16 years since I have ridden anything with two wheels (a reckless driver curtailed my riding days). My only experience “installing” Mustang seats has been helping getting many of the mounting instructions web-ready for publication on However I was looking forward to sinking my teeth into this project, so to speak.

We gathered some Mustang seats, assembled some Biker Essentials merchandise and then brought in some friends of mine whose entire family are avid riders. We also had three different bikes to put seats on for the photo shoot: a Yamaha 1100 and two Honda 1800 VTXs. In a matter of a few minutes my buddy, his brother-in-law, and his dad had their stock seats off. Actually seeing the stock Honda and Yamaha seats made me respect the construction of a Mustang seat… from its baseplate to its high-density foam to its synthetic leather cover. The quality and difference is both tactile and visceral. After holding my buddy’s stock VTX1800 passenger seat and then holding the replacement Mustang seat I could instantly tell why Mustang’s tagline says: “what a difference comfort makes!”

With the seats off, the other guys went to get dressed in some of the pretty cool Biker Essentials gear, leaving me to install the seats. Now don’t let the title “IT Guy” fool you, I know which end to hold on a screwdriver. In the less than 10 minutes, I had the Mustang seats installed on each bike. Simply slip the front tongue into the receiving bracket, bolt down the back or side bolts with the provided hardware, and the solo seats were on. Two-up seats are a snap, too. Slip the front bracket into the special slotted nut and bolt down the passenger pad, check to make sure everything is tight and the two-up seats are good to go.

The initial response from our “models” when getting back on the bike was a universal “Wow!” That was satisfying to hear. When their wives and girlfriend got onto the passenger pads and said the same thing again, it really showed that Mustang does it right.

As far as installing a Mustang seat , I can personally say “IT” really is an easy install! In fact, I’m looking forward to helping out again.

Bill Bulman

IT Guy at Mustang

Praise for Mustang Seats — on Another Website!

19 Aug

Nothing pleases us more than to read a glowing review about our motorcycle seats, especially when they appear on someone else’s website. We’re absolutely thrilled that customers do this all the time without any prodding, pleading or promises from us asking them to do so.

So you can imagine how happy we were when Kyle Bradshaw, community director at alerted us via our Facebook Wall to a nice write-up about our seats that appeared on community pages recently. Cruiser has been selling motorcycle parts online for more than nine years, offering great merchandise at fair prices, as well as comprehensive product reviews on thousands of parts.

The author of the Cruiser Customizing review lives in Richmond, Va., and goes by the handle vasoftball5, and he’s new to the joys of owning a Mustang Motorcycle Seat.

So what did vasoftball5 have to say about Mustang Seats? Seems this rider purchased one of our Wide Touring Seats with a driver backrest and matching passenger sissy bar pad — all decorated with studs and conchos. He said the seat was (more…)

The Customer Is Always Right — Especially When They Praise Us!

12 May

The first lesson taught in most any marketing class is this: “Word of mouth is the best advertising.” As Marketing Director here at Mustang Motorcycle Products for the past two decades, I’d like to add my own observation, which is this: Nobody, but nobody writes better “advertising copy” than our own customers!

During the 1980s and 1990s, we received plenty of phone calls and letters (many handwritten) praising our Mustang Motorcycle seats or our customer service or a particular sales person. But as folks started using the Internet as their main means of communications, comments from our customers skyrocketed. We now receive hundreds of emails and we read every single one of them.

We’re proud to include these testimonials on our website for prospective customers to read. (And I’m not the only one who likes to read customer comments before making a significant purchase when I’m shopping online for a product or service). And, of course, there’s no better pat-on-the-back for our employees than reading excerpts of these words of praise during sales meetings, or posting the testimonials on our bulletin boards around our factory in Massachusetts.

As an example, we received this great review from a customer “Brennen R.” from Ventura, California, a while back. Here are Brennen’s exact words:

A Whole New Level

“I just got back from a 500 mile, 2-day ride along the California coast on my Harley XL Roadster. I weigh 250 pounds, and my Mustang one-up seat took me comfortably all the way. This seat looks HOT on the bike. My brother and riding partner for the past 30 years said “Dude, that seat makes yer ride look 100 percent cooler, and it feels great! My Mustang seat is the best thing I ever put on a motorcycle–period. I read-up, worried over, fretted, re-considered, looked at reviews and, with utter trepidation, chose a Mustang Wide Vintage seat.  Just 9 minutes after the box was open, it was on, perfect fit, beautiful finish, totally stable (didn’t rattle like the stock set-up), and wonderful, and I was on the way to a whole new level of loving riding my bike. I can’t say enough about it. I love it and it makes all the difference in the ride.”

Now, how can any marketing person come up with a better advertisement than that? Testimonials like this really make my job as Marketing Director a whole lot easier, so I’d like to offer my sincere gratitude to all our customers!

P.S.: Please keep those emails and pictures coming — and don’t forget to visit us on Facebook (