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28 Jun 2010

Yes, Mustang Motorcycle Seats has gone ahead and jumped on the social networking bandwagon and we’re not looking back. Social networking is a phenomenon that has swept the World Wide Web. Businesses from small one-person operations to Fortune 500 companies are capitalizing on the incredible power of what essentially are individual voices spreading the word to many in the global community.

Did you hear about Mustang’s new seat?

By utilizing our Facebook page, other Facebook users who “Like” us are able to stay up to date on the latest Mustang news and events postings. You can also post questions on our wall — and we promise someone at Mustang will respond. And best of all, you can share your Mustang story with comments and/or photos, thus adding the richness of your experiences to our global voice.

Twitter is another tool that enables us to quickly send out information to those that follow our ‘tweets.’ Using a 140-character message, we can expeditiously share a product announcement or news about rallies and events to anyone who follows us via Twitter.

How do I sign up on Facebook and Twitter,” you ask? 
The easiest way is to visit and click on the Facebook and Twitter links at the top of the page and on the Contact Us page. If you’re old school and prefer visiting our social media profiles directly, our Facebook page is located at, and our Twitter address is

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