Meet the Team: Mustang Vice President Mike Panasci

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10 Aug 2010

In touch businesses provide their customers with a blog that not only offers advice, news and features about the company and its products, but also puts a face on the people who work there. Here at Mustang Motorcycle Seats, you tend to find a lot of people who not only ride bikes, but also are passionate about their recreational means of transportation.

Mike Panasci, VP of Mustang Motorcycle Products, Inc.

For most of them, it’s a dream come true — working in an industry chock full of motorcycle parts and accessories. The passion for their pastime is evident in their work. They’re doing what they were born to do and often it’s the customer who benefits.

One of those people who helps make this happen is Mike Panasci, our vice president — a leading personality at Mustang,

Mustang Motorcycle Seats: What did you do prior to coming to work for Mustang?

Mike Panasci: I’ve been in the motorcycle industry now for more than 40 years, starting at a Honda franchise the day I turned 16. A few years later, I switched to a large aftermarket shop in Connecticut during which time I received my college degree in Business.

MMS: What attracted you to Mustang?

MP: Our shop had done business with Mustang for years and developed quite a good relationship with Mustang. After a total of 15 years in retail, it was time to try something else. Since it was close to my home, a position with Mustang seemed like a nice fit.

MMS: What’s the best part of your job?

MP: This will seem like a cliché, but I’ve got a very nice position with a company in the industry that is absolutely my passion. I jump around from department to department (sales, marketing, graphics, production, etc.) and with my hyper personality, it suits me just fine.

MMS: When you’re not working, what do you like to do in your spare time?

MP: Honestly, besides spending as much time as possible with my wonderful family, the obvious “no-brainer” is riding my motorcycle from the northwest hills of Connecticut to our shoreline. It goes without saying that I love to ride. This is my 40th year of riding and I still feel the same exhilaration as I did when I was a teenager riding in the woods on my Honda S90.

My next passion is music — music and motorcycles have walked hand in hand with me through the years. I’m an old classic rocker and will even jam (well, pound on my classic Ludwig drums) from time to time with friends.

MMS: What’s your all-time favorite Mustang part or accessory?

MP: At the risk of sounding sentimental, it would have to be the first Mustang Cobra seat that I bought for my ’66 Sportster. When I put it on and saw that it was a perfect fit on my bike — when I sat on it — I vowed I’d never take it off. You would think that, with its thin profile, my then-girlfriend-now wife wouldn’t have appreciated it. But compared to the Bates-style p-pad that was on it, she saw it as a welcome change. (At least she was happy enough that we ultimately got married.)

MMS: If you could take some time off work and ride anywhere in the world, where would you go and with whom would you go?

MP: With my Italian lineage, I’d have to say that my dream ride would be along the Amalfi Coast and of course, I’d want my lovely bride of 32 years, Gloria, riding on the passenger seat (on a Mustang seat, of course)!

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