Mustang Employees Make Great Music Together

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1 Jul 2011

During the workday, you’ll see Anton Gillylan and Mike Grimes grinding away in the fiberglass shop at Mustang Motorcycle Seats, creating the sturdy base for our company’s high-quality motorcycle seats. Anton’s a fiberglass chop technician and Mike is a fiberglass finish tech.

These two craftsmen are tasked with transforming raw materials into a motorcycle seat that is recognized around the biker community as among the best, and they perform this task day after day under one roof in Mustang’s New England-based manufacturing facility.

But it’s what these two Mustang employees do in their free time that is the topic of this blog post. Anton and Mike have talents that go far beyond the craftsmanship they display when helping build a motorcycle seat. These two bike techs are members of a band that just released its first CD out of its own studio in downtown Springfield, Mass.

The name of their seven-member band is Ryth-Mattik, and both Anton and Mike have been executive producers since the group was formed back in 2001. Anton, whose band name is A.J. or Aye Jitty, plays bass guitar. Mike’s band name is Money Green and he performs on the drums and keyboard. He’s also a songwriter, rapper and provides vocals.

Called Unfinished Business Vol. 1, work began on Ryth-Mattik’s first CD in 2007, with the finishing touches put on earlier this year. The musical compilation is dedicated to Mario “Sckeet” Hornsby, Jr., Mike’s cousin who passed away several years ago. The group initially signed with a local record label, but the deal fell through after a year of work. So they quickly regrouped, finished the CD and decided it was appropriate to name it Unfinished Business. And yes, there will be a second CD called Unfinished Business Vol. 2, which is expected to be released this fall.

Targeting a teen audience, Ryth-Mattick’s music is described as smooth — not too jazzy, with hip-hop that features a more musical feel, according to the pair. However, Anton and Mike say they can take just about any genre and make it fit their style. They plan to take their show on the road, but there’s no target date. “Right now we’re just trying to do local shows and get our names out there,” Mike says.

He says that from the age of 5, he watched his uncles play drums and bass guitar in church, and it was during a music production class in his freshman year of high school that Mike began taking music production seriously. Anton also watched his uncle play bass guitar in church, and he began playing at the age of 9. “My father played electric guitar in church and he produced with his friend growing up, so I had an interest in production at a young age.”

Marketing a new CD takes planning and coordination and this musical pair has set up a Facebook Page at Their email address is rythmattik01 [at] yahoo [dot] com, and you can buy Unfinished Business Vol. 1 for $5 plus shipping online.

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