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1 May 2014

Our Super Touring Seat Is Now Available For Most Early FL Models

76971_app2_hd-smTime for a quick history lesson! Since 1941, Harley-Davidson® has used the “FL” designation for its large displacement touring bikes. It is tough to argue with nearly 75 years of success, but we do believe there was one area that needed an update: the seat. Sure we are biased, but taller riders were feeling a bit cramped in the stock riding position which is why one of Mustang’s most popular seats has been our “Super Touring” model for later FLs, which sits the rider back further than stock.

Answering the many requests from ‘big or tall’ riders, we are proud to introduce the new Super Touring Seat for early model FLs that provides an extra inch for more comfortable riding and better control of the bike. Mustang’s new Super Touring seats are now available for 1997-2007 Road Kings, 1997-’05 Screamin’ Eagle editions and 2006-’07 FLHX Street Glides plus 1997-07 FLHT/FLTR models. Big and tall riders now have access to increased safety and all-day riding comfort.

Although The Motor Company has a well-established reputation for producing one of the most respected touring machines on earth, we have a pretty respectable track record of our own! Since 1980, we have been handcrafting the world’s most comfortable seats in our Three Rivers, MA factory. Historically speaking, Harley has set the bar pretty high, but our Super Touring seat lives up to its name… and The Motor Company’s reputation.

That extra inch of set back offered by Mustang’s one-piece Super Touring seats is a real game changer. The 19” wide driver seat offers maximum comfort and support. Since it is more fun to tour with a friend, the passenger portion of the Super Touring seat also benefited from Mustang’s exacting design process. The passenger seat is 14” wide to ensure that both riders enjoy maximum comfort. The Super Touring seat is also split to accept the stock or Mustang driver backrest kit. Since form follows function, the Super Touring seat is contoured in order to better clear the saddlebag lids.

76972_hd-smMustang hasn’t overlooked the importance of looks, either. Chrome or subtle black pearl-centered studs give this new seat a touch of elegance. Of course any sort of stud is perceived as too ostentatious by many minimalists, so Mustang also offers a plain Vintage version of the Super Touring seat. Big or tall, studs or plain, Mustang has a super seat option for any Harley FL rider going back to the 1997 models. A historical legacy we are pretty proud of!

For 1997-07 Road Kings,1997-05 Screamin’ Eagle & 2006-07 FLHX Street Glides

Part #76972  One-Piece Super Touring Seat with Chrome Studs: $509

Part #76973  One-Piece Vintage Super Touring Seat (No Studs): $489

For 1997-07 FLHT/FLTR models

Part #76970  One-Piece Super Touring Seat with Black, Pearl-Centered Studs: $509

Part #76971  One-Piece Vintage Super Touring Seat (No Studs): $489

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