Mustang Makes the Rounds at SEMA

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18 Nov 2011

Anyone who’s professionally involved in any industry involving cars, trucks and motorcycles knows that the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) convention is absolutely the top dog of such events in the United States.

SEMA is a trade association consisting of a diverse group of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, magazines, builders, restylers, race teams and more. And each fall, this industry’s brightest minds and hottest products are drawn to the Las Vegas Convention Center like moths to a light bulb.

And while this is strictly an industry-only event that’s not open to the public, even civilians know this trade show by one simple acronym: SEMA.

This month, Gary Kendrick, Mustang’s vice president of manufacturing, joined more than 60,000 of his closest friends at SEMA, touting our world-famous motorcycle seats and talking them up to anyone who would listen. He said he spent three full days making the rounds of the cavernous Las Vegas Convention Center, and he’s pretty sure he saw everything there was to see. Not twice, mind you, but an exhaustive tour nonetheless.

Besides hundreds of displays of electronics, lights and engines as well as tools, welders and tire changing machines, Gary has a huge selection of educational seminars from which to choose, as well as dozens of product demonstrations, special events and, of course, networking opportunities.

Heck, the “New Products Showcase” alone featured debuts of nearly 1,500 new parts, tools and components. Gary met up with several contingents of motorcycle industry colleagues, including Kuryakyn President Tom Rudd, who was heading out with his son to test drive a Ferrari.

Gary said he turned down the opportunity to go for a test ride in a Corvette drift car, claiming he had to concentrate on motorcycle-related business. This may or may not be true. You know what they say about what happens in Vegas.

Shown on this page are a few photos, including the cheesecake shot at the top that was taken by Gary’s wife, Joanne.

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