Mustang Offers Up an Encyclopedia of Info on Motorcycle Seats

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30 Jul 2010

The very fact that you’re visiting this blog site tells us you’ve got an interest in motorcycle seats and boy, did you stumble upon the best spot on the Internet for that information!

Hands down, Mustang Motorcycle Seats is among the premier makers of quality seats for your ride. So, whether a friend referred you to our blog or you arrived here through an act of God, you’re in luck. In fact, maybe you should scoot out sometime today and buy a lottery ticket.

Our website – – features a half-dozen articles under the heading “Motorcycle Seats 101” that are designed to help you make an informed decision when buying a motorcycle seat. We’ve researched and written sections that cover everything from seat fitment to the important questions you should be asking anyone who’s trying to sell you a motorcycle seat.

These sections of our website go deep into the construction of a good motorcycle seat — the materials that work and the ones that just look pretty but fall into ruin faster than a Las Vegas wedding.

In this brief series, the hard-working folks here at Mustang Motorcycle Seats bring you up to speed on motorcycle seat basics. For instance, in Seat Fitment 101, we talk about replacing your original motorcycle seat with a new one, whether it’s an OEM or an aftermarket brand. The article explains the process in simple English.

The advice offered in Assessing Your Needs asks you to think about the type of riding you do, the style you want for your bike and what it is specifically that you hope to achieve by making the investment in a new seat.

An encyclopedia of information is offered in the article about What Makes a Seat Great? This section delves into the three essential parts of a motorcycle seat: the baseplate, the foam and the cover. And Seat Features tells you everything you ever wanted to know about driver backrests and passenger backrests and what they mean to you and your passenger’s comfort.

And now that you’ve got a better appreciation of the importance of quality materials and workmanship, we offer The “Bottom Line,” which includes a list of questions you should ask before slapping down your hard-earned cash for a new seat.

Click on any of the articles above or go to for more information on “Motorcycle Seats 101.”

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