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19 Aug 2011

Nothing pleases us more than to read a glowing review about our motorcycle seats, especially when they appear on someone else’s website. We’re absolutely thrilled that customers do this all the time without any prodding, pleading or promises from us asking them to do so.

So you can imagine how happy we were when Kyle Bradshaw, community director at alerted us via our Facebook Wall to a nice write-up about our seats that appeared on community pages recently. Cruiser has been selling motorcycle parts online for more than nine years, offering great merchandise at fair prices, as well as comprehensive product reviews on thousands of parts.

The author of the Cruiser Customizing review lives in Richmond, Va., and goes by the handle vasoftball5, and he’s new to the joys of owning a Mustang Motorcycle Seat.

So what did vasoftball5 have to say about Mustang Seats? Seems this rider purchased one of our Wide Touring Seats with a driver backrest and matching passenger sissy bar pad — all decorated with studs and conchos. He said the seat was delivered to his home on a Saturday afternoon and he installed it and was ready to hit the road in a half hour.

His 285-mile ride from Richmond to Atlantic City took him a little more than six hours — stopping only for fuel and bio-breaks — and he said by the time he reached AC, “I was still feeling good, my butt barely felt sore.”

Compare that to the same trip he made last year on the stock motorcycle seat. “My butt was sore before I even made it out of Virginia, and that’s only an hour and a half of riding,” vasoftball5 writes.

Comfort is indeed one of the benefits of owning a Mustang seat. Add to that style, value and reliability, and you’ve got a pretty good picture of what we’re all about.

To see the entire write-up, see Mustang Seat Performance by vasoftball5.

Thanks again, vasoftball5, for your kind words. We’re printing out and hanging up your review on our bulletin boards for all of our employees to see. They already know how great our products are, but it’s always nice to get somebody else’s opinion.

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