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9 Feb

Can-Am Spyder F3 Meets Legendary Comfort

2016-Can-Am-Spyder-F3-Limited-action-10-590x393Remember the old “if you have to ask, you probably wouldn’t understand,” commentary? Real riders get it… non-riders, not so much. Some people still haven’t experienced the appeal of Can-Am’s three-wheeled Spyder. But more than 100,000 Spyder owners understand the appeal of this unique machine and have been racking up the miles on them for the past seven years.

Can-Am notes that touring is the top priority for more than 2/3s of Spyder riders and designed storage and sound systems accordingly for the new F3.  When these riders really go the distance, they don’t want to be limited by a lack of comfort. Spyder F3 meets Mustang’s legendary reputation for comfort.

76227_webMustang now has replacement seats for both the RT and F3 Spyders. Mustang’s newest addition to its impressive range of seats is the one-piece touring seat for the F3. “Our seats for the Spyder RT have proven popular with riders, so the F3 was the next logical step,” says Mustang Seats Sales Manager Jesse Sargent. “Can-Am calls the F3 the ‘next era’ of Spyders and we’ve developed this seat with the same thinking.”

Every angle, contour and radius of the seat has been fine-tuned for maximum comfort. “Mustang’s F3 seat is optimized for riders and passengers who enjoy riding all day,” he adds. “It positions your body for the best riding posture and supports you for the long haul. Today’s riders don’t want to compromise either comfort or style — this seat has both aspects covered.” CYA = Cover Your Aspects?

76227_app_webSeriously though, the cover’s detailed double-stitching boldly enhances the Spyder F3’s striking design, while Mustang’s marine-grade fiberglass baseplate and proprietary foam are carefully contoured to support both rider and passenger. The optional backrest is fully adjustable, easily removable and perfectly matches the look of the seat. “This new Mustang seat for the F3 makes an already great machine even better!” concludes Jesse.

Get Mustang comfort on a Spyder F3 when you are ready to go the distance! Click HERE to see the new seats for Can-Am Spyder F3:




16 Dec

Mustang’s Seats For Scramblers Debut

MMP15_FB_ScramblerDucati has struck a chord with their Scrambler, so we thought we should ‘chime’ in with a seat designed specifically for this popular bike. We wanted to keep the retro look, but advance to 21st century riding comfort. While Ducati was making big news by unveiling their new 400cc version of their wildly popular Scrambler at the EICMA show in Italy, Mustang was busy taking the wraps off our seat for the Scrambler a little closer to home.

MMP15_Srambler_Floater_TnR_smActually our American dealers and Mustang insiders got the scoop on the new Scrambler seats just before our own Global Business Manager Marilyn Simmons flew to Italy for the world’s largest motorcycle trade show. In fact, Marilyn was on the show floor in Milan showing off the new seat to select European dealers and distributors at the same time as the wraps were coming off the Ducati Sixty2.

Mustang’s seat for the various versions of the 2015 Ducati Scrambler positions your body for the best riding posture. By changing your posture, it keeps you back from the tank and seated firmly ‘into’ the motorcycle, rather than feeling like you are perched on top of it. While Mustang wanted to improve the level of comfort and ultimately enhance the riding experience, we did not want to mess with the groovy ’70s vibe that Ducati has established for the Scrambler.

MMP15_Scrambler_LS_FullMission accomplished! The classic tuck-and-roll stitching and detailed seam lines accentuate the classic 1970’s look while Mustang’s baseplate design and proprietary foam provide modern levels of comfort. With an MSRP well under $350, the price is right, too!

See your authorized Ducati dealer or visit Mustang online for more information:



21 Jul

BMW Myth Exposed!

MMP15_FB_RnineTSo we were wrong. In a recent press release about Mustang’s new replacement seats for BMW’s R nineT motorcycles, we inadvertently characterized the BMW logo as having aviation roots, just like Mustang’s own P-51 aircraft references. Great point of reference for a press release, only problem is that it has nothing to do with the truth! Appropriately for a seat company here now is the full CYA on the BMW logo:

Ranked in the top 10 of the world’s most recognized commercial logos — along with the likes of Coke bottle and the Nike ‘swoosh’ — BMW’s iconic roundel has certainly stood the test of time… however the endearing myth of the spinning propeller logo that Mustang (and any number of others have bought into) has been busted! We weren’t the only ones hoodwinked, though. No less authorities than the New York Times and even BMW North America have subscribed to the popular propeller tale!

BMW_Myth_PropellerThe spin on BMW’s signature roundel is that it looks like a propeller blade set against a blue sky and white clouds. According to the New York Times auto editor, “The design was supposedly a tribute to the roots of Bayerische Motoren Werke (or Bavarian Motor Works in English) in the early 20th century, when the company built aircraft engines.”

Apparently the blue-and-white company logo does NOT represent a spinning propeller, rather it is meant to depict the colors of the Free State of Bavaria. Back in 2010, the Times followed up on this with a company spokesman for BMW North America, who said, “the shape and configuration of the roundel was meant to replicate a spinning propeller against a blue sky background.”

However a week later, Tom Plucinsky, another BMW spokesman, told the New York Times this was not the case, even though the company itself once thought the logo was based on a propeller! “In fact, I have an old history book here that says it is,” claimed Plucinsky. “But this all changed in the past year, with the clarification that the roundel was used in an advertisement next to an airplane. The design was not in any way connected with aircraft engines or propellers. The idea that the blue and white had anything to do with spinning propellers comes from a 1929 advertisement, which featured aircraft with the image of the roundel in the rotating propellers.”

BMW_and_Rapp_Logos-214x450The truth behind the propeller myth is almost as interesting, but much less convenient for Mustang PR people! It seems that in July 1917, Franz Josef Popp registered the name Bayerische Motoren Werke in an attempt to distance the new company from his former operation: Rapp Motorenwerke aero engine company. According to BMW Motorcycle Magazine, the signature BMW trademark was registered with the Imperial Trade Mark Roll on October 5, 1917. It featured the circular design of the Rapp logo but with the letters “BMW” at the top. The inner quadrants featured the Bavarian Free State colors of blue and white – but in the opposite order because it was illegal to use national symbols in a commercial trademark.

“The design was not in any way connected with aircraft engines or propellers,” the BMW magazine categorically states. “The idea that the blue and white had anything to do with spinning propellers comes from a 1929 advertisement, which featured aircraft with the image of the roundel in the rotating propellers. This advertisement came at the beginning of the Great Depression, which coincided with BMW acquiring the license to build Pratt & Whitney radial aircraft engines. The advertising department used the roundel and BMW heritage in an attempt to increase sales of the new radial motors.”

PR guys putting a convenient spin on the facts to huckster product sales? Say it ain’t so, Franz Josef! But it get worse… The idea of the spinning propellers was given greater credence in a 1942 BMW journal article written by Wilhelm Farrenkopf in a BMW journal of 1942. “This also featured an image of an aircraft with a spinning roundel,” notes BMW MC mag. “These were powerful images and thus the legend of the spinning propeller was born.”

1099The basic structure of the BMW roundel has remained essentially the same for nearly 95 years. In the original design, the lettering and outline was in gold, but by the time the first BMW R32 motorcycle was released in 1923, it had changed slightly. The letters were still in gold, but the font was bolder and letters closer together. This was the style that was submitted to the German Register of Trade Marks in 1933, and the international register of trademarks in 1934.

Over the years, proportions changed, the shade of blue shifted, and even the lettering would change from gold, white or silver with serif or sans-serif fonts in different sizes. “There appears to be no reason for this variance except for product designers and marketing and communication staff using personal choice depending on application,” adds BMW MC.

“Through the 1950s there was a more concerted effort to standardize the roundel. The use of white lettering was now standard and when used on cars and motorcycles it was silver. By the 1960s the serif font was replaced by sans-serif, and this was used on all motorcycles by 1966.”

So as convenient as the non-existent connection to the BMW roundel may have been, we sincerely apologize for perpetuating the myth. We meant no attempt at revisionist history or conspiracy to promote Pratt & Whitney radial aircraft engine sales under BMW license! We just wanted a way to launch the news that Mustang now has seats for the R nineT…BMWR9T

But if you really take a close look at it, that roundel could be a stylized propeller with blue sky and white clouds behind it, couldn’t it?


2 Apr

G0140559-1Have you seen any of our new ads or 35th Anniversary edition catalogs yet? Paying homage to our namesake, the P-51 “Mustang” aircraft, the iconic “Pegasus” winged horse continues to soar to new heights in 2015. Thanks to a little help from our friends at Progressive Suspension, Roland Sands Design and Vance & Hines, not to mention Hot Bike Baggers magazine, we were able to celebrate three and a half decades in high-flying style. A complete squadron of bikes and the V&H race semi converged on the Planes Of Fame Air Museum in Chino, California, for the photo shoot in mid-December.

IMG_0244In addition to being home to several P-51Ds, the only surviving flying P-51A Mustang in the world — Mrs. Virginia — is based at Planes Of Fame, which made it the perfect venue for the catalog photo shoot. They have one of the largest collections of flying warbirds in existence and are motorcycle riders themselves. Director Jerry Wilkins even does the annual Run For The Wall ride from Chino to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC on his Harley every year.

In addition to static shots of bikes in the hangars with the historic planes, we also arranged with Nik Wogen from Design By AHAVA to shoot action photography and video. This meant pressing the Burly Brand and Progressive Suspension types into doing some riding (like we had to twist their arms). We also hit up Joey Cisco, Mini Moto racer, former Miss Racer X Supercross and active member of the motorcycle community to be our stunt rider and Merissa Dale did double duty as a stylist and model.


New products and a new look commemorating our milestone anniversary meant for a looong day of shooting, but the results were definitely worth it! Highlighting the merging of old-fashioned values with high-tech delivery, Mustang has made digital editions of both its Metric and American V-Twin catalogs available. “We have traditionally launched our catalogs in Daytona as part of the Bike Week festivities, but we realize not everyone can escape to Florida in the spring,” says Mustang’s Business Development Director Marilyn Simmons.

MMP15_Catalogs“This year we are making the catalogs available in their entirety online as well as the printed versions,” notes Marilyn. Old-fashioned paper copies are available at the Mustang big rig at most major rallies, or you can get a copy sent to you via snail mail from the website. For instant gratification, virtual viewing is available at http://www.mustangseats.com/Category/Seat-Catalogs

In addition to digital editions of the two new catalogs being launched, Mustang’s social media campaign has also taken off. Starting with the first of the “5-For-35” seats awarded to the top vote getters on Mustang’s Facebook page was presented in conjunction with Daytona Bike Week. Four more free seat will land in lucky winners hands later this season (the Laughlin River Run is next up). More details can be found at:

Mrs. Virginia, The Mother Of All Mustangs

IMG_0420Not nearly as widely known as the D-model variant, the first “Mustang” was the P-51A. According to the Planes of Fame records, the Royal Air Force approached North American Aviation to build P-40 Warhawks under license from Curtiss. North American believed they could build a better fighter for the British, and the first NA-73X prototype was flown on 26 October 1940, from Mines Field (now Los Angeles International Airport). The airframe had been completed in a remarkable 102 days!

The early machines were afflicted with aerodynamic problems that increased drag and led to fuel starvation. Later redesigns of the radiator and carburetor ram air scoops solved those problems, and the first production model was delivered to the RAF in October 1942. Meanwhile, the Army Air Corps received its first XP-51 on 24 August 1941. However, the Army Air Forces’ fighter budget outlook was grim, so North American Aviation executives and their Air Force counterparts conspired to fund the aircraft under the attack budget. Accordingly, bomb racks and dive brakes were added, and the Mustang became the A-36, thus keeping the production line open.

On 24 August 1942, 1,200 NA-99 versions were ordered by the AAF, and designated P-51As. The first P-51A flew on 3 February 1943, and the first deliveries began the following month. Mrs. Virginia was restored to flying condition by the Planes of Fame and first flew on 19 August 1981.

If you ever have a chance to ride around Southern California, do yourself a favor and drop in at the Planes Of Fame… there are even a couple of motorcycles stashed away in the hangars. You can see Mrs. Virginia, Spam Can and a couple other airworthy P-51 Mustangs in person or click here for a virtual tour: http://planesoffame.org


6 Mar

Touring Trio Takes Flight During Daytona


SnowPlowFinally! It is time for Bike Week in Daytona and the official start of the 2015 riding season! In an effort to escape record snowfall in New England, Mustang is sending a full contingent to Florida! Actually we are sending the crew to Daytona to support the launch of our 35th Anniversary campaign, highlighted by a trio of touring seats. Amazing how many volunteers we had to “work” in Daytona, though.

Although we gave our dealers a sneak peek at the newest touring seats at the trade-only V-Twin Expo a couple of weeks ago, Daytona will be the first opportunity the general public will have to see Mustang’s Trike Seat. Actually, the new Deluxe Touring Seat fits FL Touring models from 2008-15 as well as the Tri Glide® Ultra Classic and Street Glide Trikes. Engineered specifically for all-day comfort, the 19” wide front seat sets the rider back 1.75” compared to the stock seat. It also angles the body positioning for improved long-distance comfort.

Of course long distance touring is more fun two-up, so R&D guys focused on the passenger seat to make sure it measures up to Mustang’s high-flying standards. The 14” wide rear seat provides support across its full width and keeps the passenger firmly in the comfort zone. In addition to feeling good, it looks good! We styled this seat along the lines of state-of-the-art automotive interior designs… think Jaguar or Bentley. These seats feature exquisite stitching detail like a luxury automobile, but unlike a car seat, our Deluxe Touring Seat includes front bucket drain for rainy days… not that it is going to rain on our parade in Daytona, knock on wood.

The receiver for the optional, removable driver backrest is built into the baseplate. Please note that this seat will not work with Mustang or Harley® frame-mounted backrest kits. In addition to the trikes and FLs, Mustang also offers replacement seats for virtually all late model Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

How would you like a free seat for a bike or trike? Be sure to check out the #5For35 campaign on Mustang’s Facebook page! Starting with Bike Week in Daytona, we will be awarding seats to contest winners at major Rallies throughout 2015… the only catch is you have to “Like” Mustang Seats!

What Happens In Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay In Vegas…

30 Oct

But Maybe It Should?

Mustang decided to switch things up a little this Rally season. Instead of ending our year at the Legendary Lone Star Rally deep in the heart of Texas (actually in Galveston November 6th-9th), we added stops out west in Reno for the Street Vibrations Fall Rally and Las Vegas for Bikefest and skipped Texas on the way back across the country to end the season at Biketoberfest in Daytona. In retrospect, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…

BonanzaBut we digress. The return to Reno was well worth it. Although a downpour dampened the crowds in The Biggest Little City In The World, things worked out pretty well for Mustang at Street Vibrations, according to Rallymeister John Glynn. The giant awning on the big rig kept riders dry while their new Mustang seats were being installed free of charge. A steady stream of appreciative bikers gave a positive vibe to the Street Vibrations event. So far, so good on our westward swing.

BikefestOn to Sin City and everything was coming together without a hitch for Las Vegas BikeFest the following weekend. Unseasonably mild weather saw Mustang Seats set up with our friends from Biker’s Choice, Crusher Performance, J&P Cycles, Küryakyn, Vance & Hines, to name just a few of the exhibitors. Then the wheels came off… literally! Where there is smoke, there is fire as they say and although the details were somewhat hazy, it seems that one of the Mustang motorcycles was involved in a sordid incident that involved a questionable decision, a big crowd of people and a smoked tire.

BikesLinedUpExhibit A: John Glynn’s immaculate Dyna that is an integral part of the Mustang Seats’ traveling road show. This bike is kept on the big rig for “Display Purposes Only” and not meant to be ridden around. Exhibit B: one cooked carcass! According to eyewitnesses and some sketchy surveillance video footage, the metal flake red Dyna is alleged to have won second place in the Las Vegas BikeFest Burnout Contest.

Burnin RubberBurned tire  Despite his claims that he was “home in bed” at the time of the incident, Küryakyn brand rep Willie G. smelled suspiciously like burnt rubber and hydrocarbons the next day.

Burned Tire




Of course what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, so don’t tell anyone back at Mustang Seats HQ! Good thing the burnout was sponsored by Metzeler since the Dyna’s rear rubber was roached!  In hindsight, maybe next season Mustang should return to the Lone Star Rally and avoid the temptations of Las Vegas?

Check out the video footage on our Facebook page for more circumstantial evidence: https://www.facebook.com/video.php v=10152832897796995&set=vb.141120856994&type=2&theater


Boldly Going Where No Seat Maker Has Gone Before

22 Oct

Mustang’s Latest Enterprise: Launching The Rocket III Touring Seat

Rocket IIITime for us to tackle the final frontier… at least the space where Triumph motorcycles are concerned. We already make seats for the Bonnevilles in all their various configurations and the big Thunderbirds, but now the enterprising crew at Mustang continues to boldly go where no aftermarket seat maker has gone before! The trek is now complete for Triumph’s touring star as we have launched our line of seats for the Rocket III Touring model.

IMG_1625-smTriumph’s “power tourer” has a massive 2.3 litre three-cylinder engine built for interstellar travel. No question that the Rocket has more than enough motor to blast off, but when it comes to the long haul, the seat can become a pain in the posterior! With the world’s largest production motorcycle engine on tap, the Rocket III is ready for long hauls, heavy loads and going across the cosmos (or at least cross country). No touring bike has more torque than the Rocket III — it has more torque at idle than most motorcycles have in total!  Out of this world torque is great, but for all day comfort, you really need a Mustang seat.

79780_hd-smShoot for the stars by combining the power of the Rocket III with Mustang’s legendary comfort. Not only are our seats built for comfort, Mustang’s two-piece seat for the Triumph Rocket III Touring sets the rider a half inch lower than stock and almost an inch further back than the stock position. The combination of controlled density polyurethane cushion and the more relaxed riding position make a real difference for the long haul.

The wide 17″ bucket and the 12″ passenger seat provide long-term support for your longest treks. The built-in backrest helps keep you at the conn much longer as well. As part of their five year mission, Mustang’s enterprising engineering crew has also created an array of styling options and accessories to match the Rocket III Touring seats, including fender and tank bibs. As you explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations on your Rocket III Touring treks, make sure you have a Mustang seat along for the voyage!shatner_motorcycle


15 Oct

Mustang Helps Garage-Girls 2014 Ultimate Biker Makeover


Once again this year, Mustang was proud to join with Sara Liberte and the Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover program. Although we shared an update on the winner via social media, there is more to the story, much more.

Garage-Girls 2014 Ultimate Biker Makeover, Chris Gibbany of Harrison, Arkansas, was among 84 contestants who sent in a 600-word essay describing why they were most in need of a Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover. Her essay touched upon her sacrifices and commitment to “hunker down” and put herself through school in order to open new career opportunities.

“We received more submissions for the 2014 Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover Contest than for any other previous contest,” said Garage-Girls marketing coordinator, Sara Liberte. “It was definitely a challenge choosing a winner among so many great entries.” Of course Sara is quick to credit the sponsors, and we were honored to be included. “We want to thank GEICO as well as our other sponsors for their commitment to make this contest possible. Frankly, there would be no Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover Contest without their continued support.”

As the 2014 Ultimate Biker Makeover winner, Gibbany is enjoying a multitude of prizes, including new shoes from Harley-Davidson® Footwear, a brand new jacket and matching gloves from Roland Sands; a Speed & Strength helmet from J&P Cycles; a cleaning kit from Wizards Products; a case of synthetic oil from Spectro; clothing from Hijinx Apparel and a set of Avon tires. Last but not least, a set of saddlebags from Mustang… We offered a seat of her choice, but she really wanted the saddlebags.

“Mustang sent me the saddlebags I picked out, PLUS they sent me another box with T-shirts, hats, pens, stickers and a zippered tote bag,” Chris told Garage-Girls after getting her “care” package. “Mustang really went all out, especially since they swapped in bags instead of a seat.”

Chris also got the jacket and gloves from Roland Sands Design. “Beautiful brown, with pockets inside and places to put the Kevlar inserts which I would like to get. The gloves are black and fit perfectly. It’s just like Christmas around here.  And seeing how we don’t “do” Christmas, makes it just that more exciting. I told the UPS guy to “keep ’em coming”. I hope to ride tomorrow (raining today) and try out the new jacket. Husband really likes it and says it will be my “new look” to come out riding the Panhead!

Thanks so much Sara, Garage-Girls and all the sponsors ~ Chris


“Chris puts a lot of miles on her motorcycle and we wanted to make sure she has the latest and safest riding equipment,” said Liberte. To read more about Chris Gibbany’s story and for more information on the 2014 Ultimate Biker Makeover, please visit www.garage-girls.com.


10 Jul

Mustang Breaks Out Seats For The FXSB Softail Breakout® At Laconia

HistoricCelebrating 91 years of history in 2014, Laconia Motorcycle Week is the granddaddy of all motorcycle rallies and Mustang’s home turf, so we had to do something special for the occasion. We decided to break out comfort for one of the hottest Harley’s around at Laconia and introduced a brand new seat specifically for the 2013-14 Harley-Davidson® FXSB Softail. Fans of the fat-tired CVO Breakout® were treated to the first look at these seats at Mustang’s big rig. Special shout-out to our friends at Laconia H-D in Meredith, NH for hosting this big deal for us during the mid-June festivities.

MMP14_LB_Breakout-v1Rally-goers had the first look at two versions of our Tripper Fastback™ seat, and consensus was that the tapered Fastback made the really accentuated wide-tire look of the Breakout. Although both seats offer a 13” front width for the driver and a 7” wide rear, the big difference is the addition of a Tuck and Roll option. Style and comfort combined into one eye-catching, super clean seat that is particularly well suited for the lines of the Breakout.

HDShopThe low cut Tripper Fastback is more than just another pretty face… um, seat. It offers good back support and places the rider a little closer to the ground. Although the seat is tapered in back, it still offers a reasonable degree of passenger comfort as well.

If your Summer Vacation didn’t start in time for you to make it to Laconia to see the new seats in person, we invite you to check it out at:



16 Jun

Exploring The Adventure Touring Realm

MMP14_LB_BMW-v2Remember the opening lines of the original Star Trek TV series about boldly going where no man has gone before? That is apropos of our latest enterprise — exploring the Adventure Touring segment. We have combined our 34 years of seat-making expertise with the latest CAD-CAM engineering to create a new seat for BMW’s R1200 GS adventure touring bike.

Although bolding going into the Adventure Touring segment is new for Mustang, we know all about all-day comfort. Mustang has been focused on handcrafting the world’s most comfortable seats since 1980… which is just as long as BMW has been offering its GS range of adventure bikes. That’s right, the BMW GS series of dual purpose off-road/on-road BMW motorcycles was launched back in 1980 with the original R80G/S. In fact, GS refers to Gelände/Straße which is German for “off-road/road”.

CADsmIn typical Mustang fashion, we over-engineered this new seat. Starting with our three fundamental building blocks of baseplates, foam and covers, we built these seats from scratch. Our years of experience have taught us that without a proper base to build on, no amount of foam will make a seat as comfortable as it should be. This “better by design” approach meant countless hours at the CAD terminals plotting the prototype baseplate. Then it was onto the padding.

Controlled density polyurethane foam gives Mustang seats their reputation for retaining their shape and providing support for years of use. The exact shape, angle and density had to be dialed in specifically for the demands of the serious ADV-type rider. It had to be soft enough for comfort, but resilient enough to stand up to high-mileage days.”

Finally the cover: Mustang’s covers are made of the highest quality expanded vinyl available. They have the appearance of high grade leather, but the durability and weather resistance that far exceeds cowhide and meets all OEM seat specs. Just like the GS itself, Mustang’s seats are over-engineered to handle whatever adventure you may encounter. All seams are double-stitched for extra strength and the bottom edge is then riveted hold the cover to the baseplate.

Vertically challenged riders will also appreciate the fact that the Mustang seat sits 1.5 inches lower than stock. It is also just 14 inches wide, facilitating most riders’ ability to plant their feet while in the saddle. Options include a 9 inch wide passenger backrest and a built-in backrest. Applications for 2004-12 BMW R1200GS models (oil-cooled).

Gelände or Straße, Mustang is boldly going where we have never gone before!