We Have a New Image Library Tool for Mustang Dealers

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4 Oct 2010

Mustang dealers have been asking for this, so we created a new Images and Data tool specifically with dealers in mind. The days of scrambling around for up-to-date Mustang seat and merchandize photo images for dealer web sites and publications is over. No longer is it a time-consuming and labor-intensive process to obtain our seat and Bike Essentials motorcycle lifestyle merchandise images.

It used to be that our graphics and IT departments worked together to manually compile images into a library of DVDs to be distributed to our dealers. But because new images are always being added to our product lines, the DVDs we produced were quickly out-of-date. To handle the number of dealer requests for images, we had to find an efficient way of delivering images into the hands of our dealers.

Our new dealer website provides the answer — digital delivery that’s available any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our extraordinary team of Web developers, programmers and engineers developed a simple, yet elegant tool to provide dealers not only with the images they need, but a data file containing retail pricing, product descriptions and part numbers to coincide with the requested images. Now dealers can download images at their convenience and have a corresponding .csv file with all the data they need to import into their own website or publication.

To access these images, all a dealer has to do is log into the dealer website, then go to the Support menu on the navigation bar at the top of the window. Select “Images and Data” from the drop-down menu. Accessing the images then becomes a simple, four-step process:

  1. Enter the part numbers of the images that are to be download (these can be entered individually or en masse with a text file)
  2. Review the parts list
  3. Create the .zip file containing all the requested images and .csv file
  4. Download the .zip file.

Remember, this tool is accessible by our dealers only, but the customer benefits by seeing the images on brochures and web sites produced or operated by their favorite dealer.

That’s all there is to it. All the images that we use on the web are 72DPI. If there are high resolution images (300DPI) available for a particular part number, that image will have _HR after the filename (i.e. 75000_HR.jpg).

Frequently Asked Questions about the new tool include:

Q. How do I open the .csv file?

A .csv, or comma separated value file is text file that can be opened by many programs including Microsoft Excel and is easily imported into database which make this type of file a great media for importing data into a website.

Q. How do I create the text file to upload several part numbers?

A. Simply use Notepad and enter your list of part numbers, pressing enter after each number, save the file to your desktop, and select Choose File in Step 1.

Q. How can I provide feedback on this tool?

A. Simply use the Contact Us link on the website and send your comments to the Webmaster.

Happy Downloading!

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